SD, in her 40’s, has a goal of removing money from the world. She is a meditation teacher and a Consciousness Creator. She lives in India with her husband and daughter and is working on her life’s goal of raising the level of human consciousness in the world. She is also a biology teacher by profession. Here’s the transcript of my phone interview with her.




Heart: Can you tell me something about yourself?

SD: The premise of my work is “May everyone be happy.” Just like the saying, ‘Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavantu’, I wish that every living thing should be well. The whole of earth should be happy at all times with real happiness which cannot be acquired by money.

Usually, a lot of people think money will give them happiness. Atleast in my experience, this is what I have seen. They think by more money means more happiness. But, what they don’t know is, more money gives them more enjoyment. Sure. But enjoyment is not the same as true happiness.

Isn’t it?





Heart: Absolutely.

SD: Because, if money was everything, then all the rich people in the world would always be stress-free and be really happy. But, we know that’s not true that they’re not always free of worries. They’re infact the ones that are the most stressful.

Take for instance, the daily laborers who live a day to day existence. They seem to be very happy. Their children seem to be living a carefree life, free of any worries compared to the kids of the rich and famous.

When I was younger and a newly wed, people would always ask me, you’ve a Gold medal in the MS (Masters of Science) program and you topped in your University when you graduated, but you don’t know how to earn money. When people said that, I would always wonder why I never had an inclination to make money or think I needed more money. I would not know how to answer such questions, I would secretly cry because I was hurt by how people asked such questions.

But, slowly, I came to the realization that true happiness would not come from money, because when I think of Gandhi or Buddha, they were not rich people but they’re some of the happiest people in the world.

Once I figured this out, I started understanding more about life. I started realizing that people see others enjoying and think that money brings them happiness. Its either that they don’t know the meaning of happiness or they think that temporary enjoyment is true happiness.

And when I saw people who were making more money than me were struggling, this was even more proof that money wasn’t everything. Some were making 10 times more money than I was. They had all these big bungalows and cars but they were always stressed. They would always be visiting the doctor more than anything else. They didn’t have complete health, they were worried about constantly moving money here and there, making me think that they were running behind money.

I’m very happy with what I have. I’m very content with what I make. My ultimate goal is to live happily and help others in their journey. If money was something man had created how is it making man run behind it? I don’t understand that.




Heart: First point is, I like the part where you talk about enjoyment and happiness being two different things. I think enjoyment in a way sounds so temporary because of which lasting happiness is not possible. Second point is, I recently read a book called Sapiens by an Israeli professor, Yuval Noah Harari. And in that Hariri makes a beautiful statement that, “The Sapiens ability to cooperate in large numbers arises from its unique capacity to believe in things existing purely in the imagination, such as Gods, nations, money and human rights.” I find it so fascinating when I think how true his statement might be.

SD: Yeah. I feel like a lot of people who’re my age and are much older than me seem to think about money a lot. Because that’s how society has always been and that’s what we are brainwashed to think about when we talk about being successful.


As a teacher, I interact with a lot of children. And they are at an age where they shouldn’t be impressed upon by the society. I keep asking them,
“Why do you have to come to school?”
And most of them used to reply, “To get good grades.”
And I would ask, “Why should you get good grades?” And the response would be, “To get a good job.”
And why a good job? “To earn money.”
Why do we need money? “To be happy.”
But, fortunately or interestingly, very few kids give this answer.


This is what I usually ask when I start the new academic year with a new set of students to tune kids to my ideas. I try to make them understand the true purpose of education and attending school. I feel that doing this, makes them work in a better way. I can tell you that 10 years ago, those answers used to be a lot more common. But, from the past 4 or 5 years, I have observed that the answer has not been linking money to happiness. Now the answers are more like, “We come to school to gain knowledge.” And I say, “Exactly, with knowledge, you can go anywhere and be anything you want to be. And you can be happy doing anything. And money will not be the ultimate root of life that way.” 

This is what I’ve noticed that the consciousness of the children has increased along with the earth’s consciousness. The newer generation now has a different thinking and attitude towards life. And when people say that the iGeneration is very naughty and they cannot be easily handled, I have to disagree with that. They simply have very high energy levels and they don’t know how to expend it. So, we should make an effort to always engage them in a positive way. 

When they question us, as adults we should entertain their queries and explain things so they understand. They will then realize that we are trying to educate them and they will want to follow the path we want to show them for their life. So, for the most part, I try to reveal the truth as much as I can about life. I find it very easy to convey the message to children than to adults, because as adults we have a fixed mindset.

Children ask me, “The world is so medically advanced now than in olden days, but why did our grandfathers and great grandfathers have better health than us today.” Those are the kind of questions that my students ask me. I tell them about changing lifestyles and all the causes including environmental changes that have an impact on health.




Heart: Things really started going south from the Industrial age and the Technology revolutions. More like modern day calamities I guess.

SD: Exactly. And as kids you consume a lot of processed junk foods which have a lot of preservatives and additives. Recently, one of my former students who always ate a bag of chips and drank Coca Cola for his breakfast and snacks fell sick. He’s 15 years old. He got severe stomach ache and when they got it checked because the pain wouldn’t go away, the doctors did a stomach scan and they found out that 20% of the cells of his pancreas are dead.

And the liver was as enlarged as an alcoholic person’s. He was such a nice student and everything but he was addicted to junk food. The doctors were surprised that a 15 year old can have such damage. When I see kids bring junk food, I try to tell them that these foods have chemicals and preservatives that damage the body. That’s why we are having so many diseases around us these days because we consume these foods. Some kids don’t want to listen to such things. They tell me, “Please don’t tell us that, we will have to stop eating then.” (Laughs)




Heart: Yeah, its very difficult to get anyone away from the sodium rich foods which have all these flavors. They are created in a way that they are addictive. So, about that part where you said that the earth’s consciousness is increasing, I read somewhere last week that, more and more people in the last decade have spent their money on experiences rather than on material goods. So, it gives me hope when you said that you have seen trends in your students moving away from the materialistic world into one where they are consciously consuming what they want to.

SD: Parents ask me, “What do you do that the kids are mesmerized by everything you tell them?” And there’s only one thing I tell them, “When they ask you or tell you something, don’t cut them off. Just listen to them with a lot of patience. They are curious, they want to learn about everything, so its our duty to encourage this behavior.”

A lot of the children complain to me, “Madam, you tell us that time travel is possible, and that scientists tell us that 98% of our human DNA is junk DNA and you say that’s not true. And when we tell this at home, our parents don’t believe us and ask us not to talk about such topics.”




Heart: 98% of our human DNA is not junk DNA? 

SD: OK. Scientists have this very bad habit of calling anything they don’t understand as junk or dust. For example, in biology, for any unknown species of fungi, scientists have created a group called, “Dustbin of fungi” and that’s what they add any new unknown fungi into this group.

But, there’s a reason for everything. God creates everything for a reason. With a purpose. How is it possible that 98% of our human DNA can be junk? It cannot be. And that’s what I ask my students to question. And when they ask that question back to me, I tell them to do their own research. I try to give them some examples, and I encourage them to read works of people like Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

All these people are great because they use all that extra DNA that normal people like us are not using and what we call junk DNA. They have a lot more active DNA and less junk unlike us because of which they are able to do these amazing discoveries. They are able to connect to higher dimensions and download all this information at a quantum level. When I say Quantum, they ask me what that means. (Laughs)

I tell them that Quantum theories and meta Physics are all beyond my complete comprehension as a Biology teacher. But, I try to send them links of what I find interesting about all the topics we talk about. I just don’t want them to study what is taught in school and what’s written in text books.




Heart: Amazing. Because if everyone was only doing what was expected out of them and not a little bit extra, I don’t think we will move forward in a great direction. So, what’s your personal life ambition with everything you want your students to think about?

SD: I’m not sure if my answer will be useful for you in your interview, but I’m working on removing money from the Earth.




Heart: So, you want to physically remove it? (We both laugh)

SD: Yes, if possible. Physically remove money from this Earth. So, this might be a new idea for you, but many people like me in the world are working towards this goal. But the number of people who are working towards it is not sufficient. That’s why this idea is taking time to show results.

There’s an IIT (Autonomous public universities which are deemed to be the Ivy league schools of India) professor called Sunny Satin, who has a PhD in Physics, and he studies things at a quantum level. He wrote an amazing book called Incredibly Believable.

There are many parallel realities in this world and whatever reality you’re facing is according to your energy level. And he has caught one of the realities which is at a higher energy level. That way he has been able to see the future of our Earth. He has been able to process all this information and wrote a book about it, and that’s what Incredibly Believable is all about. He talks about the earth shift and how its about to enter into a Golden age. He talks about how the educational system, the financial system and how human life is going to change in that. 

In that he mentions that the time parameter when this shift is going to happen is 2029. But again, he starts the book by saying that, “The time line can be altered by the rise in human consciousness.” By the time he had started the book, the time line was at 2029, and by the time the book ended he said it is 2025.

There are a lot of people like me who are doing spiritual work in the world. We just want to make the time line a little more shorter. Because when you connect all of human consciousness on earth, our lives are going to be really wonderful. That’s what I felt when I read the book, I almost went into the reality that he was seeing. 

Imagine what we can do for our children when we bring that kind of energy on Earth. There will be so much of freedom. We all will be working for only 4 hours a day and only 4 days a week, there will be no suffering for money. Everyone will have enough for everything. Because by that time, there will be many things we will have free of cost. That’s what he predicts. 

And when all this happens, you will start spending your life for your hobbies. You will be much happier doing what you really enjoy doing. These are all the points I like about the book. 

Even before I read that book, I was into meditation. When I meditated, I would question (the higher energy), “Why am I here? What should I be doing here on Earth?” What I am trying to say is that everyone has a purpose to serve. You have to find that out and work on it. And in my spiritual journey this felt like I could make a connection with this book. I felt like this is how Earth should be, and I thought about what I can do to make that possible. 

I started telling people what I was learning and telling them that “Whatever you think of, you can manifest.” 




Heart: I’m a strong believer of that.

SD: That means that we are conscious creators of our own life. (Destiny) We can create our own reality. So, I started conducting meditation classes and everything is free of cost. That’s our rule to teach meditation. 

I ask people whom I teach meditation if they are happy the way they are here on Earth. Everyone answers that they are suffering in one way or another. That’s the most common answer. Then I ask them if they would like to work with me in raising the human consciousness. I tell that to children and adults. I just ask them to release thoughts that the educational system, the financial system should change in a way that will have the maximum benefit to humanity. The more I talk and teach about this, the more I’m convinced that money is the root cause for all suffering. Whether it is crime, or fights, or misunderstandings, money is behind all that.

This is what Sunny Satin talks about the financial system in the book. He says that money will be completely removed from the earth. First he says that it will disappear in the physical form and exist only in the electronic form. Then it will also disappear in the electronic form. That’s what I liked the most. 

I was also able to connect with a lot of spiritual organizations around the world and we call ourselves Consciousness Creators. The more and more I got into it, I found myself attracting a lot of such people into my life. Then I think about the whole thing as Maya, because that’s what we are told, once you leave your mother’s womb you enter a world of Maya. In the beginning, I would not understand what Maya was about, people say, “We forget what we are here on this Earth for, we forget our purpose. But what is it really, if we have forgotten it, how do we remember it?” That’s how I used to think. (Laughs)

Take for example the movie Matrix, I had watched it many times when I was a child but I never fully understood it. Later, I realized that whatever they were calling the Matrix was nothing but Maya.




Heart: We are all being brainwashed from childhood, aren’t we?

SD: Exactly, our minds are being controlled by Maya, all these unnecessary distractions. We have been programmed in a way that we run all our lives behind money. Even in the Bollywood movie, PK, the hero finds out that not every paper that has Gandhi’s photo on it is valuable. (We both laugh)




Heart: I’ve read somewhere that within 7 years, we manage to completely brainwash our children, “Don’t do this, do this, don’t touch that, touch that. Don’t think that way, think this.”

SD: Exactly. Even today, when I was telling the students that the answer that was provided in the text books was incorrect and the kids were like, “Then what do you want us to write? What you tell us is correct or what is in the book?” And I tell them, “There is no guarantee that I will be able to correct your answer sheets, so you have to write what was given in the text books.”




Heart: Its important that they know the truth, even if its not implementable right now. Only when everyone’s consciousness is raised that’s when we can talk about it.

SD: Exactly.




Heart: Wow. This is great. Can we talk about Idol worship? Because that is a ritualistic part of “Hinduism” which is often misunderstood but I want people to atleast sit in peaceful or chanting contemplation even if its a low form of meditative state. Because this is the easiest way to start meditation for beginners especially for those who can’t just close their eyes and reflect inward in silence. So, atleast shouldn’t we encourage people to set their attention on an idol for a little while?

SD: OK, let me answer this. You are right about idol worship, but its the right choice for a person who is coming out of atheism to believing in a higher power or God.




Heart: OK, so you are saying that, atleast they can see that they are physically manifested as God. But, what I’m trying to say is that first comes idol worship, then comes chanting meditation, then comes silent meditation and then the truly realized soul can actually open his eyes and still not be distracted. That is the highest form where there are no distractions. But, to beginners, I want to say, atleast set some time aside to focus on your idol worship, where you are giving your focus to positive energy.

SD: So, there’s a Hindu Scripture called Uttara Gita, but unlike the Bhagavad Gita which has been told during the war of Mahabharata, this has been told by Krishna to the Pandavas after the war.


puja koti samam stotram stotra koti samo japah
japa koti samam dhyaanam dhyanakoti samolayah


What it means is that “Ten million prayers are equal to one Stotra, Ten million stotras are equal to one japa, Ten million japas are equal to one Dhyaana and Ten million dhyaanas are equal to one mano layah.”


When we first start going to school, we start from ABCs. Then we learn words, sentences, and we graduate school, then college and some of us get PhDs. Once we graduate, we don’t look back, do we? Even if we acknowledge that all this learning first started with simple ABCs, we won’t go back to practicing ABCs daily, do we? That idea is not even correct.

In the same way, once we are equipped with the truth, we don’t go back to the starting point of our journey which in the case of our spiritual journey is Idol worship. Then comes, Nama mantra changing, japa, meditation etc. Once we have graduated to the level of meditation (Dhyaana) we don’t go back to idol worship. The thing is that we accept all these ideas when it comes to academic education but not when it comes to our spiritual education. 

I went through a lot of confusion when I was going through this transition in my life. As I was struggling to understand what rituals I should and should not follow, my grandmother, who is actually not biased and is spiritually in a better position than my parents told me something. She said, “You have to follow your husband’s path of Dhyaana (Meditation) because that’s what Indian women are supposed to do as part of our Hindu tradition. So don’t think about hurting anyone’s feelings. Don’t worry that your mother will be sad that you’ve stopped chanting or that your mother in law will feel bad because you’ve stopped praying to idols.”

I liked that idea a lot because I was essentially looking for someone to validate my ideas about meditation. I was hoping that someone would support me. (We both laugh)

There was a point in my life for one month, where I was not sure what I should be doing and so I did a lot of the rituals in a confusing way. But even during that time God never seemed to be angry at me. Nothing bad happened to me, like how people make us to believe. Of course, there were a lot of people around me who would say that what I was following was not spirituality because I was giving up rituals.

I took away all the idols in my prayer room and put them away in my safe. My husband told me, “Just do whatever you want and whatever makes you happy.” And I was doing all this without telling my mother in law. I was just telling myself that I will deal with her when she actually comes to visit us. I first had a little safe that did not fit all the idols that I had. So, I put them underneath our bed. Then I took them to the jewelry store to melt them and make a plate out of all the silver. When my mother in law visited us, she asked me where I got that plate from. I told her and she said, “Atleast I thought you had put them in the safe. Now, you’ve even gone through this step?” And she laughed. But she also said, “Even I knew about all this from my childhood, but I had a lot of pressure from my family and then my inlaws after getting married to follow our ritualistic customs and traditions.”




Heart: Wow. you’re brave. 

SD: My neighbors ask me, “We get up early in the morning during festivals and worship God day and night but you don’t do any of that and even then you’re happier than us. You don’t spend time worshiping, what do you do all day on a festival day?” And I tell them, “Every day is a festival for me and so I make all the festive foods and eat them.” (We both laugh)

I’m just saying that I do things where my happiness is with. I try to do the right things. And God is like a parent, and a parent is never angry at his child. God doesn’t care whether you’re praying for him everyday, he would rather you realize, “Aham Brahmasmi.” (I am Brahman, the supreme self, the infinite.)

This is what is taught in the Vedas. They don’t tell you to do Idol worship. All these findings are just my answers to my own questions, I don’t volunteer this information to anyone. But if you ask me why I do what I do, I will tell you. But, I respect your opinions, because its your free will and this is mine. I will share my knowledge with you, but what you do with it is up to you. Just don’t be afraid of anything. 




Heart: You are radicalizing me. (We both laugh)

SD: I feel like your interview is a great way that God has given me to convey my message to the world through you.




Heart: Thank you. So, do you see any advantages of meditation in your daily life, as far as you being efficient and productive than before? For example, before I started doing meditation, I always felt like I was competing with time, but now, we both have a very good relationship. I’m usually very cool and collected and still can get things done in a timely fashion. Have you experienced that sort of a thing?

SD: Oh yeah. So, this is what happens when you meditate. Your energy levels are elevated once you meditate, and your mind works more efficiently. You will be able to finish tasks very easily with less mistakes.

For example, we have a lot of paper work in the school. It can be anything, managing the attendance register, correcting answer sheets after exams etc. Usually when people do such work, they do it half mindedly, not half heartedly, but half mindedly. What I mean is they are doing this work but their mind is elsewhere because of which the quality of the work gets affected.

But when you meditate, your levels of focus increases. You are able to concentrate better at doing tasks. That also means you will be able to finish tasks without the need for redoing them. Also, you will start observing a lot of coincidences happening to you. If I plan on meeting someone, I find that either that person comes to me, or I happen to bump into him in the parking lot even before I have to go look for him.




Heart: For those kind of things, I like to use the word, “Universe conspiring.”

SD: Exactly. Just an hour ago, this happened. My husband and my daughter went to the store to buy a wireless mouse for her and they just came back after not finding anything. Then my husband’s friend asked what they were looking for and he tells them that he had an extra mouse that he was not using and he gave it to her. We didn’t even spend any money. When you work for the universe, the universe will work for you. And, this is just a simple example of what can happen.




Heart: Thank you so much. Is there anything else you want to say?

SD: I write all these ideas in a blog called crackthebelief.blogspot.com. Since 2015, when I was requesting via meditation that I wanted an idea with which I can communicate these things to many common people. I can tell my meditation class and they listen to me because they believe that I explain everything scientifically.

You know how it is in India, there are a lot of superstitious beliefs. You can’t leave the house if a black cat crosses your path, you can’t sneeze before you leave the house, you have to put your right foot as you step out of the door to leave etc. I actually tried all these things in all different ways to see if these were true.

I read this book called You forever by Lobsang Rampa and in that the author tells you about how a cat perceives human beings. It doesn’t have a very high opinion of us. Cats actually don’t like human beings. (We both laugh)

That’s because cats have something called an astral level whereas we are at a physical level. Human beings reach astral levels in their dreams. Cats are at a higher energy level than human beings. 

So through my website, I try to present all our routine beliefs that we are so programmed to follow and challenge their validity using science and related links. For example, the notion that you’re diabetic if you have a sugar reading of more than 110 mg/dl is not correct. Its actually a big conspiracy by pharmaceutical companies. This was done overnight and a lot of people who fell in the range between 130 to 110 became diabetic overnight. 




Heart: Wow.

SD: Even in my own life, I’ve seen a lot of medical miracles. 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with benign tumors in my breasts. But they said that there was a potential to turn malignant. And when I asked what could be done, they said that there was nothing to do unless they turned harmful. Then they would do surgery. There was less than 2% chance for them to become malignant, they told me. I had 5 tumors.

During meditation I would ask myself, “Why did I get these tumors, they say our health is in our hands, that most of the diseases are psychosomatic in nature, then how did this happen to me?” I had read a lot of books and wanted to come out of it myself. I teach everyone that you can meditate and cure yourself because most of the diseases are psychosomatic. Then I told myself that this is an opportunity given by the universe to prove it.

I would focus on where I had emotional blocks, “You can heal yourself” book, in that Louise Lay gave me a lot of affirmations that I followed and I meditated for 3 hours daily. At the same time I attended a Sun yoga workshop that was being conducted by Sunyogi Umashankar. While concluding the workshop he told us that by doing sun yoga, within three months a blood cancer patient had become healthy again. I figured that I met Sunyogi because the universe had sent him to me. I learnt sun yoga under him and he did acupressure with magnets treatment. You put tiny magnets on your fingers and you do feed therapy on your own body.

I did all these four things on me, meditation, affirmations, sun yoga and the magnet therapy. And then I went for a mammogram and the tumors had shrunk from 3 centimeters to 0.5 mm in 3 months. The doctors were not willing to do CT scans because you can’t go through scans more than once in 6 months. When they didn’t find tumors they were even more worried because they were worried if I would sue them for false reports 3 months ago. I assured them that I wont do anything like that. (Laughs)

So, that’s my final goal, that your beliefs dispel everything. That’s what I want to convey to everyone through my work, and through my blog.




Heart: I’ve a feeling that you might be recognized as a national treasure of India.

SD: (Laughs) Thank you.




The End. 




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