The Motivated Child Initiative

Teenagers are terrified of two things. They fear judgment of their loved ones and peers and are constantly worried about their privacy. As stake holders in their wellbeing, we need to empower them with our belief in their abilities and lend them an ear without judgment. These are the principles behind our modules within The Motivated Child Initiative for 6th to 8th graders. 

Every Initiative has three Series that have modules in them to Engage, Energize and Empower our children

Lesson Plan Sample: Love Your Self

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Program Details

The ENGAGE Series

* Week 1: Love Your Self
* Week 2: Hear Me Out
* Week 3: What Parents Want
* Week 4: 3D Speak
* Week 5: The Good Life
* Week 6: Find Your Worth
* Week 7: The Social Contract
* Week 8: Rule Your Screens
* Week 9: Trending Now
* Week 10: Luck Or Choice
* Week 11: Become a People Magnet
* Week 12: Why Get High?
* Bonus: Give Yourself a Break


* Week 1: Rock Your Boat
* Week 2: Mind the Expectation Gap
* Week 3: Love Your Brain
* Week 4: Grow Your Heart
* Week 5: Don’t Over Think
* Week 6: Cultivate Your Mind
* Week 7: Manage Your Self
* Week 8: Clear The Clutter
* Week 9: Slow Down
* Week 10: Let Go
* Week 11: Secrets of Success
* Week 12: Connect To Calm
* Bonus: What Is Your Truth

The EMPOWER Series

* Week 1: Connect and Contribute
* Week 2: Be Free
* Week 3: Show You Care
* Week 4: How to Thrive
* Week 5: Make Today Great Again
* Week 6: Leverage Your Tragedy
* Week 7: Remove The Temptation
* Week 8: Be Remarkable
* Week 9: Be a Problem Solver
* Week 10: Set Your Goals
* Week 11: Set Your Mind
* Week 12: Sound Like a Leader
* Bonus: See Your Reflection

Free Resources For Parents Of Middle Schoolers

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Strategies to combat teen screen time

  These days down time means screen time for most of us, adults and children. If screen time is a point of contention for your family, especially in the evenings after you gather back in the house after work and school, here are a few strategies that can help...

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Social media etiquette for teens

  We've all been thrust into the world of technology without a guidebook. Add to this mix -teens, their growing brains and varied interests, and things can get confusing and overwhelming pretty quickly. In the midst of such a digital landscape where devices rule...

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How to grow resilient children

  What is resilience: We want to raise our children to be kind and loving people. We tell them to value compassion more than anything else in life. Ideal parents want to empower their children to believe in themselves and encourage them to realize their highest...

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Rules of engagement with social media for teens

  Teenagers download social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat within 2 minutes of receiving their new smart phones. That's the lure of these people networks. So, it makes sense to stay informed about all the right ways to engage with strangers and friends...

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How to gain the trust of your teen

  How we feel as parents of adolescents: If there was a definition of parents of adolescents, it might look like this. This person is highly anxious, stressed and uncertain about a lot of things involving their child. To the mix, we must add an element of dread...

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Be terrified of your teenager’s age, not your teenager

  Terrifying teenagers?  Teenagers are legendary for their impulsive risk taking attitude. They're famously hedonistic because they love a life of pleasure and little self control. And they seem to be engaging in activities with little to no regard for the...

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Factors that make a child shy and a teen withdrawn

  Why are some children shy?  We use a lot of words to describe shy and withdrawn behavior in children. We label them as socially awkward or introverts. But, what we don't often realize is that at the heart of such behavior is the fear of rejection. Little...

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Connect with your child before you communicate

  Connection first, communication next:  Try this. Ask your child questions like, "Did you eat alone again at lunch today?" or "You look high. Are you doing drugs?" Did they suddenly become defiant and respond defensively? Of course, they did. OK, try asking them...

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