The Motivated Child Initiative

Teenagers are terrified of two things. They fear judgment of their loved ones and peers and are constantly worried about their privacy. As stake holders in their wellbeing, we need to empower them with our belief in their abilities and lend them an ear without judgment. These are the principles behind our modules within The Motivated Child Initiative for 6th to 8th graders. 

Every Initiative has three Series that have modules in them to Engage, Energize and Empower our children

Lesson Plan Sample: Love Your Self

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Program Details

The ENGAGE Series

* Week 1: Love Your Self
* Week 2: Hear Me Out
* Week 3: What Parents Want
* Week 4: 3D Speak
* Week 5: The Good Life
* Week 6: Find Your Worth
* Week 7: The Social Contract
* Week 8: Rule Your Screens
* Week 9: Trending Now
* Week 10: Luck Or Choice
* Week 11: Become a People Magnet
* Week 12: Why Get High?
* Bonus: Give Yourself a Break


* Week 1: Rock Your Boat
* Week 2: Mind the Expectation Gap
* Week 3: Love Your Brain
* Week 4: Grow Your Heart
* Week 5: Don’t Over Think
* Week 6: Cultivate Your Mind
* Week 7: Manage Your Self
* Week 8: Clear The Clutter
* Week 9: Slow Down
* Week 10: Let Go
* Week 11: Secrets of Success
* Week 12: Connect To Calm
* Bonus: What Is Your Truth

The EMPOWER Series

* Week 1: Connect and Contribute
* Week 2: Be Free
* Week 3: Show You Care
* Week 4: How to Thrive
* Week 5: Make Today Great Again
* Week 6: Leverage Your Tragedy
* Week 7: Remove The Temptation
* Week 8: Be Remarkable
* Week 9: Be a Problem Solver
* Week 10: Set Your Goals
* Week 11: Set Your Mind
* Week 12: Sound Like a Leader
* Bonus: See Your Reflection

Free Resources For Parents Of Middle Schoolers

Parenting for Social and Emotional Wellness

Questions About Modern Day Parenting:  When will start teaching our children intentionally that misunderstandings can occur that can erase family relationships, miscommunication can mean getting fired from their job, that underachievement is a choice, a silly thing in...

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The truth about tech and addiction

  Why we crave digital distractions? Unlike real life that can be boring and monotonous, on the internet, even if you want nothing, you can always get something. Our digital tools show us how a life online is one with endless possibilities (read, endless scroll)....

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This is how Tech Billionaires parent

  Tech parents love their children more than they love their customers: Children of Big Tech entrepreneurs from eBay, Apple, Uber and Google attend Waldorf schools – where technology is not allowed on campus or in classrooms. Waldorf schools teach complicated...

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What technology can’t do for us

  Tech is becoming just a busy distraction: Technology was meant to be an asset, a tool for enhancing our productivity and our lives. It was meant to free up time for us to do things that really mattered to us - in our real life. But, computers and machines we've...

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The science behind our love for social media and selfies

  A virtual world for "me": Being on(line) means - we must add value, always be available, be current and also flawless. While we perfect ourselves, we must also capture our journey on a public stage. We must belong in the world, in the big scheme of life. We...

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Children can remain life long learners, here’s how

Life long learners: In our childhood we learnt everything through unregimented self exploration and sheer force of willpower – like walking and talking. As children we found joy in the freedom of expression and creativity that unstructured play offers. We had to...

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Redefine failure and become unstoppable

  Why we fail: Many of us carry a wrong perception of failure. We often take it as a final sign before we give up on our goals and aspirations. We see it as an irreversible milestone that has put a stop to our forward momentum. What we don't realize is that often...

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Understanding teens and their youthful rebellion

Are teens hedonists? Teenagers live a life of pleasure and little self control, or so it seems. They engage in activities with impulsivity, and a lack of responsibility and little to no regard for the consequences. Teens also like by...

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The 6 pillars of Future STRONG Academy

The Foundation of Future STRONG Academy:  Future STRONG Academy is an SECD, Social and Emotional Learning and Character Development, intervention program where we teach our children secrets of high performers. All our initiatives, especially the ones for middle and...

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The future of education in the age of AI

  Machine vs. Man:  "Education, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance-wheel of the social machinery", said Horace Mann, an 18th century American educational reformer and promoter of public...

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Raising children in the real and online world

  The curious case of two worlds: As parents, we’re doing two jobs. Parenting our children in the real world of emotions and preparing them for an online world that’s constantly changing and evolving. Because we live in two worlds, more than ever before, teaching...

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