The Balanced Child Initiative

Children can be taught to appreciate what they have, value hard work and take personal responsibility for making choices. Children who live well balanced emotional and social lives thrive better than others. These are the principles behind our modules within The Balanced Child Initiative for 3rd to 5th graders.

An initiative has 3 SERIES => 10 MODULES each => Taught in one hour class over the course of 10 weeks.

Lesson Plan Sample: Happy Child

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Program Details

The ENGAGE Series

Week 1: Happy Child
Week 2: Learn To Listen
Week 3: Hear Me Out
Week 4: How Do You Know?
Week 5: Let’s Tell Stories
Week 6: What Do We Do?
Week 7: Simplify Your Speak
Week 8: Read Out Loud
Week 9: My Story
Week 10: Say What?
Week 11: Look Your Best
Week 12: How Can We help?


Week 1: Write Right
Week 2: Find Your Voice
Week 3: Try Again Harder
Week 4: Say This Not That
Week 5: Learning Limits
Week 6: Be a Good Friend
Week 7: Read Out Loud
Week 8: Respecting Others
Week 9: Learn Your Adjectives
Week 10: Show and Tell
Week 11: Set Goals
Week 12: Super Heroes

The EMPOWER Series

Week 1: Be Your Best
Week 2: Give Back
Week 3: Make Good Decisions
Week 4: Nature Made
Week 5: Values With Vocabulary
Week 6: Honesty Pays
Week 7: Manage Your Time
Week 8: Team Work
Week 9: Penmanship
Week 10: You Rock
Week 11: Team Work
Week 12: Keynote Speaker

Free Resources For Parents

Collaboration in a world that cherishes individualism

We've more in common than we don't: Take a look around you, and you'll see that we're all driven by the same needs as humans. The feeling of belonging, the need to matter, and a cause to impact and give. But, we’re also starting to live more fragmented and lonely...

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Why are our teens so stressed and depressed?

Teens Today: Physically un harmed, mentally at peril Ever since 2011 when we started living in a parallel universe called Social Media, our lives and our teens’ lives have not been the same. Thanks to Social Media, our shared despair about our existence has increased....

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Here’s how to be a Minimalist Parent

What’s there to learn from animals? Observe a group of zebras grazing in an open landscape while a lion comes and attacks one of them. The moment the lion begins dragging away the fallen zebra, the rest of the zebras will promptly get back to grazing. As if nothing...

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Parenting for Social and Emotional Wellness

Questions About Modern Day Parenting:  When will start teaching our children intentionally that misunderstandings can occur that can erase family relationships, miscommunication can mean getting fired from their job, that underachievement is a choice, a silly thing in...

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The truth about tech and addiction

  Why we crave digital distractions? Unlike real life that can be boring and monotonous, on the internet, even if you want nothing, you can always get something. Our digital tools show us how a life online is one with endless possibilities (read, endless scroll)....

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This is how Tech Billionaires parent

  Tech parents love their children more than they love their customers: Children of Big Tech entrepreneurs from eBay, Apple, Uber and Google attend Waldorf schools – where technology is not allowed on campus or in classrooms. Waldorf schools teach complicated...

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Children can remain life long learners, here’s how

Life long learners: In our childhood we learnt everything through unregimented self exploration and sheer force of willpower – like walking and talking. As children we found joy in the freedom of expression and creativity that unstructured play offers. We had to...

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The 6 pillars of Future STRONG Academy

The Foundation of Future STRONG Academy:  Future STRONG Academy is an SECD, Social and Emotional Learning and Character Development, intervention program where we teach our children secrets of high performers. All our initiatives, especially the ones for middle and...

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Raising children in the real and online world

  The curious case of two worlds: As parents, we’re doing two jobs. Parenting our children in the real world of emotions and preparing them for an online world that’s constantly changing and evolving. Because we live in two worlds, more than ever before, teaching...

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The College Readiness Checklist (with a twist)

  College application season:  When it's college application season, even a great day with perfect weather can seem like dooms day. Leading upto this time in their lives, children live out their high school years on a race to get and stay on the honor roll, nail...

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Our children are not just their GPA

  Teens come with anxieties:  "Worried about your teen’s college readiness? Still figuring out what interests them? Wish their values, passions, and vision made up for a compelling story already?" Here's how we can describe the angst of parenting teens - A...

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