The Anonymous Manifesto IMP

The only thing keeping you from being happy is the belief that you are alone. ~ Anna Draper (Mad Men)

The Anonymous Manifesto is where strangers tell their stories anonymously. We’re all fabulous in our own little ways, aren’t we? And since our world is getting pretty condensed, this social experiment might expand our combined horizons.


Episode 38: The tigers in the midst of us

Episode 37: Diamonds on her one hand and dirt on the other

Episode 36: Joining the Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison club

Episode 35: Conspiring with the Universe

Episode 34: The original Vietnamese Boat People

Episode 33: On your tomb stone only the ‘–’ matters

Episode 32: Having nothing to lose at 32

Episode 31: Connecting Science and Religion at 13

Episode 30: On being a United States Navy Seal and living on the side walk

Episode 29: Leaving the light on for those on their last leg

Episode 28: Making America home

Episode 27: A wild child from Fiji rewires her mind in America

Episode 26: A French Woman’s Muse: Food and Photography

Episode 25: Meditations on the Mind, Intellect and Values

Episode 24: Beating loneliness, mistakes, and kids into shape

Episode 23: Traveling far enough to meet himself

Episode 22: She has Einstein for a pet :)

Episode 21: Cosmos, Kimchi and a no U-turn policy

Episode 20: Treating America’s PTSD, one human at a time

Episode 19: Woman, Millennial and Single

Episode 18: Throwing pots, Taco Bell and a Touch of Humanity

Episode 17: In his own words – Rugged, handsome and charming

Episode 16: The journey across a mother’s deathbed {Removed on request}

Episode 15: Your world when you’re Generation Z

Episode 14: The 8 year old with NASA PhD goals

Episode 13: A patriot’s journey from Serving Flag officers to Retirement

Episode 12: At the threshold of Princeton

Episode 11: Breakfast of Boy Scouts of USA

Episode 10: Balancing science and spirituality at Emory

Episode 9: Love and Kindness in a 4 year old’s world

Episode 8: A veteran, a sheltie and a Ford truck

Episode 7: From a North Carolina girl to a world traveler

Episode 6: Thoughts on life from a middle schooler

Episode 5: A Finnish grandmother with a love for sport and independence

Episode 4: The Indian Math teacher from Georgia

Episode 3: Rock band, Race cars and the Firebird mom

Episode 2: Have passion will golf

Episode 1: Single and Hopeful on Snapchat


Wait, I am confused. Why interview people?
Fair question. To find out how everyone else is able to live this unlivable life. And most importantly, to get back to having conversations with our fellow earth dwellers while prodding each other with deep questions.

What’s the point? 
These interviews might show us that we are all people who are exciting, heartbroken, crazy, lonely, and thriving in some way and the same way. These interviews might inform, entertain, compel, touch, impact and inspire.

What’s a manifesto?
A public declaration of personal lessons, dreams, aspirations, opinions and goals.

Why anonymous?
These people are like you and me, common folks. Moreover, why wait in line to snag celebrity interviews? Eh?

This is not an opinionated survey of the human survival landscape. It’s a snapshot of their life in the now. To each his own.

Can I sign up to be interviewed?
Have a pulse? Get in touch here.


* * *

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