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Our Program Mission:

Our curriculum is designed to enable students to get a hands-on introduction to robotics, understand the Internet of Things around us, and become enthusiastic about the concepts of Engineering and Design. The idea is to become creative with problem solving so they can use the concepts of strategy, creativity, collaboration to address real-time problems around them.

We’re different than scores of other Coding schools out there because of our strong emphasis on Soft skills based on the 6 pillars of FutureSTRONG, namely, Communication, Confidence, Collaboration, Clarity, Courage and Commitment.

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Weekly Newsletter Archive:

Rube Goldberg

Paper Helicopter

Slime a Scientist

3P’s of Robotics

Build a Bridge

Modeling Lesson B

Spheros Part B

Modeling Lesson A

Spheros Part A

Intro to Robots

It’s Maze Craze

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