Slime a Scientist

Dear Parents,

We all know that scientists and engineers cannot work in isolation. When we collaborate and share ideas, our best ideas rise up. When we investigate, create and test out those ideas, we solve real life problems in an effective way. When we engage with our children in their curiosity journey, we encourage them to learn and understand how the world of STEAM really works. Thank you for being a partner in your child’s development.

STEAM and Silos: 

This week we talked about what STEAM is and what the word Silo means. Please ask your child how no one can really work in isolation for doing good in society. We talked about the importance of each branch in STEAM. Most importantly, we talked about how ART is a part of STEM, so we can learn the concepts and remember them in a fun and memorable way.

We danced to a Robot Dance Jingle and made slime complete with colors and sparkles!

We discussed the importance of what we’re learning, and how it:
a. Promotes problem solving
b. Reinforces critical thinking and reasoning
c. Inspires creativity and innovation
d. Encourages flexibility and adaptive thinking
e. Supports collaboration and communication

Thank you!


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