Rube Goldberg Machines

Dear Parents,

Even if children won’t listen to us, they imitate our every move. And that’s how we can do the right things and show lead them on a great path to success. Leadership has so much to do with common sense, the right attitude and just doing the right thing, always.

Think about it, if you’re nice, warm and friendly, people associate you with being competent and smart. That’s an easy way to assume a power position and following it up with acknowledging others, listening attentively, sharing credit and open to uncertainty.

Rube Goldberg Machines: 

We talked about all the things we learnt this semester. We challenged each other in a Fishbowl style way of addressing and answering each other’s questions.

Some of the questions we talked about are:

  • What did you learn in this STEAM class?
  • Why are we learning this?
  • How can we continue our journey in STEM on a daily basis?
  • What can we do with this knowledge?
  • What will help us get better at what we want to do?

We worked as teams and individual contributors towards building a Rube Goldberg Machine. If the kids want to “create a mess” when building such a machine of their imagination, please allow them to!

Thank you!


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