The Whirling Dervishes of Istanbul, Turkey

  Yesterday I was clever, I wanted to change the world. Today I'm wiser, so I'm changing myself. - Rumi The steep roads of old town Sultanahmet-Sirkeci in Istanbul, Turkey, might look like a strange place for spiritual surrender. But, that's where you arrive at Ankara...

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Puerto Morelos, Mexico – Dec, 2017

People vacation at the El Cid all-inclusive resort for 250$ a night, while locals live on 2$ a day in the fishing village of Puerto Morelos. In the December of 2017, vacationers read books like Gone Girl, Wonder, Origen, The accident, And after the fire, See me,...

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Holiday Season in Atlanta

Love. Love the one that's in the mirror, love the one you met just today. Love every person that has lived before, is traveling with you, whom you have heard about and even whom you have never met. Aggregate all your grace and gratitude and spread it everyone who's...

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Becoming one with Nature in Colorado – Jul, 2006

  The lake and its vast silence must be humming with life under the surface. The mountains in the distance look at me as if they're asking, "Why did it take you this long to find us?" Two dried up tree limbs spring out of the earth on either side of my full view as if...

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When the Indian-American mom goes to Dirty Sixth

As I walked past The Velveeta Room, I saw the chalk board at the entrance with the words, Stand-up comedy night, showing at 11pm. I asked the old white guy, possibly a biker dude by day, who was cutting tickets standing at the entrance if I could take a quick peek in....

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Once in a while, listen to those throaty crickets

One of America's favorite pastimes, primitive camping (add electricity and bathrooms for an extra fee), has turned me into a renegade city dweller. For a couple of days, I remained off the grid, but still managed to snap a few pictures to revisit the place I want to...

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An Indian Summer Wedding Circa 2015

  The Indian Wedding, or Shaadi as its called in Hindi, is a feast-to-all-the-senses kind of an experience, delightful and fun filled, unless of course, you are the one getting married. Well, we are not going to talk about the aftermath just yet. For now, here is a...

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The UBER app and it’s human heart beat

  “I don't really need to go to Church. If I am feeling low, I just pray. What will God do that you can't do for yourself anyway?” Words of wisdom from a 23 year old Haitian-American UBER taxi driver, Ernst. * What would a 40 billion dollar company like UBER, a taxi...

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