Programming Spherobots – A

Dear Parents,

What we see with our children, whether its 7-year olds or 17-year olds, is an instant engagement with robots. Young children can be enthusiastic learners, especially if the curriculum is built in a way that they play with ideas and not just technology.

Just as important is independent thought for children, so is team work, and the ability to listen to others, and to compromise for an optimal resolution for the problem at hand. Here are our 4 C’s for STEAM, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication.

Precision and Patience in Programming: 

We continued working on our Precision and Patience skills as we programmed our Spheros. We were not just satisfied with making our Spheros go in straight lines or through mazes. We drew shapes on our iPads and made our robots follow our commands as they traveled on the outlines of our shapes.

We changed the colors of the robots as they moved, made them work on our voice commands and so much more.



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