Programming Spherobots – A

Dear Parents,

“Children are not the people of tomorrow. But, they’re the people of today.” – Janusz Korczak, the man who wrote books like How to love a child, said.

We all want our children to succeed, but we don’t seem to know where to start. With a little bit of patience, positive mentorship and practice guidance, we can elevate their potential many fold. When we show our children that we’re willing to believe in them, it motivates them to learn and live upto their full potential.

Adults also can learn so much from children because they teach us so much about being joyful, reflective and seizing the opportunity at hand.

Sphero Robots: 

We love Sphero Robots because they’re easy to code and program for. Our children love the way we built our mazes so they can use their coding skills to zip through them from start to finish.

For each one of our beginner to advanced level coders, every project is a challenge that comes with its own set of learning objectives. When children finish their objectives, they’re free to code for the next big win or teach their friends who’re trying to learn. After all, teaching is the only learning skill that helps retains 85% of what we have learnt!



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