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Thank you for sharing your child with us! We can’t wait to get started!


Sign up TODAY and put the power of computing in the hands of kids so they feel empowered to create rather than constantly consume! Learn how to think, talk and act like a Coder! Its just as essential as learning a human language!


  • No Robot, No Problem! Use the power of block coding to move and lift using Virtual Robots in 3D!
  • Learn how to move, turn, lift a virtual robot in 3D using coding skills! This is the future and its here!!
  • Grade 4 and 5 children get Super and Grand challenges in addition to the regular curriculum!! 


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Experience and Device Requirements:


  1. Atleast 1 year of Block coding experience required!
  2. Or must have finished the Scratch Coding Course.
  3. Chrome Book or Laptop required. NO iPad please.



Benefits of Classes:


  1. Receive lab work and email support for questions during the week!
  2. Every week, check in with milestone marker guide to see how well you’re doing!
  3. Understand real world applications using video recommendations.
  4. Children are responsible for their projects and homework.
    This improves self-advocacy, an important life skill as kids learn to navigate life and difficulties on their own.



Class Features: 


  1. Only 6 spots per class!
  2. 10 hours of classes. And hours of challenges to work on!
  3. 1 Hour class
  4. Waiting list available!





No problem! Call or text 678-310-5025. Email: Thank you!


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