Nele, Laurens and Pieter @ MONDAYS 4pm to 5pm

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1830 Peachtree Pkwy, Cumming, GA 30041

Grade Level:

3 – 5

Course Dates:

Feb 4th – Apr 15th

Day of the Week:



4 to 5pm


Our Balanced Child Initiative is for children 3rd to 5th Grade. It is a 10 week program – taught one hour, once a week.

Children can be taught to appreciate what they have, value hard work and take personal responsibility for making choices. Children who live well balanced emotional and social lives thrive better than others. These are the principles behind our Balanced Child modules.

Lesson Plan includes the following modules:

* Happy Child:
Desc: Let’s talk about what makes us happy. And let’s change the way we see ourselves.
* Learn To Listen:
Desc: The first step for any learning is learning to listen. You first listen, before you can think and act.
* Hear Me Out:
Desc: Why do we love our family? We will talk about all the things we love about our school and community.
* How Do You Know?
Desc: How do you know if mommy is sad? What makes you happy? What are feelings?
* Let’s Tell Stories:
Desc: Tell each other our favorite stories and ask ourselves what lessons do they teach us.
* What Do We Do?
Desc: Who are our real life heroes? What are our responsibilities as kids – To have fun and learn.
* Simplify Your Speak:
Desc: Don’t fall for the curse of knowledge. How to speak with clarity, focus and deliberation.
* Read Out Loud:
Desc: Read out loud so we can learn correct pronunciation and improve your diction.
* My Story:
Desc: We all love stories. But what if our life is our story, what would be doing to make it interesting?
* Say What?
Desc: How to think before speaking, how to speak with clarity and confidence.