Teen Digital Citizenship Summit – Mar, 2019




Hello, you’re here because like us you believe in your child’s unlimited potential!

Our children are being exposed to 300 times data each day than we were just 10 years ago! Its time we teach them how to consume information intentionally and how to navigate their real and digital lives. After all, Big Tech is ruling our lives as parents too! 

Who can attend

Tweens and Teens – 11 and above

What children will learn

  • Understand why your teenage brain does what it does.
  • How digital addiction affects our social relationships. 
  • How Big Tech is sabotaging our human potential and what is screen creep.
  • Why we’re hooked onto social media.  
  • What is the Dopamine and what it has to do with smart phones. 
  • How to use technology intentionally and strategies for digital minimalism. 


  • In a world of digital overload, let’s consume information intentionally.
  • What is linear communications and how is it affecting our social lives and relationships.
  • How to become aware of our temptations and distractions and their impact on our mental sanity and our productivity.
  • How to combat screen creep in all forms. How to manage our attention spans.
  • Brain Break (Lunch or Dinner)
  • Learn the real truth about Big Tech and what device radiation does to us.
  • Understand why we’re addicted to Social media and what we can do about it.
  • What is the reward circuit in our brains and how Dopamine addiction works.
  • Strategies on how to unbusy ourselves and pursue our true goals, hobbies and ambitions.
  • Teen Questions and Discussion

Pizza for purchase

  • Teens can bring their own meal or buy pizza.
  • 2 slices for 5$, every extra slice 2$.
  • Food waiver will be available to sign for kids who buy pizza. 


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