Goal Setting and Attention Mgmt – One Session




Hello, you’re here because like us you believe in your unlimited potential!

Ready to take ownership of your life and articulate your future in terms of goals? Together, let’s create plans for setting and sustaining long term and short term goals. Understand how your mindset plays an important role in how you move from a vision to mission.

Want to improve how you manage your time? Start with sharpening your focus and attention span. Let’s show you how the quality of your sleep, focus and decision making process sets you up on a path to unstoppable success.

Who can attend

Boys and Girls – 14 and above


Complete Course: 5 sessions – 60 minutes each

What You’ll Learn

  • How we sabotage our own goals.
  • What we can do to prioritize and stay on the pass to our short term and long term vision.
  • What are the strategies for managing attention and goals. 
  • How to become mindful and positive about realistic expectations. 
  • What you can do to change your mind into your own personal growth momentum. 
  • Why writing down goals is a sure shot way to achieving them. 


  • What are your strengths and weaknesses. What should we do about weaknesses?
  • How to communicate and set realistic expectations with yourself and others.
  • Let’s review the current road map of short term and long term goals as students.
  • How to prioritize and cut your losses.
  • What are the regular road blocks and how to overcome them.
  • How to think in terms of immediate short term wins. And keep up our motivation momentum.
  • Why do we fail at goal setting and achieving? What can we do to boost our productivity and attention spans?
  • Why writing down goals is important. Hint: Vague goals lead to vague results.
  • Why we are constantly distracted and what can we do about our distraction addictions?


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