Precision, Patience and Practice

Dear Parents,

Do you know what attention residue is? It is the cost we pay when we switch from one job to another or engage in heavy multitasking. It takes 21 minutes for our brain to completely focus on our next task.

How can you avoid such brain burnout? By choosing to pay attention to where your focus, your eyes, and your distractions lie. By designing your work space to be less interruptive. By understanding that your digital devices are enticing because they give you the illusion of control over your free will, your choices and your voice.

Let’s choose wisely.

Our Learning Objectives: 

1. We made Playdoh Robots. The idea around our curriculum is a human centered approach to learning. When children work on building something out of nothing, their sense of what is possible expands. When they showcase an outcome that even as educators we can’t predict, it can be a learning moment for all parties involved.
2. We investigated into how the robots, Spheros, might be made. We looked at the design, and how their gear systems look like. We’re going to be programming them in the coming weeks.
3. We played with the Doodle Robots we finished in the previous weeks.

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