Personal and Professional Coping Techniques

Defining Wellbeing:

As humans, we’re driven by this singular goal, “I just want to be happy!” OR “I want my child to learn to find joy in whatever they do!”

Isn’t it?!

So, let’s see how our happiness is determined by how we feel about ourselves on a daily basis. How satisfied are we about the state of our life? Do we experience a sense of pleasant emotions daily? How’s our ability to not get overwhelmed by the nature of our environment – mostly that is out of our control?

To take a stock of our personal wellbeing, we can start by asking ourselves how we feel in three aspects of our life.

  1. Our sense of autonomy and purpose
  2. Our understanding of our strengths
  3. Our connectedness to others

For a more hands on guidance for your children, you can encourage creativity. Creativity is empowering, thereby boosting their sense of self and wellbeing.

Here’s how you can encourage creativity to empower your child:


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