Who We Are

FutureSTRONG Academy is an after school program for K thro’ 12 that aims to teach essential life skills to kids like handling emotions, critical thinking, setting goals and making good decisions – all the while encouraging them to use time, technology and attention intentionally. We also offer parent and teen mastermind workshops.
Employability skills like collaboration, team work and negotiation will help them become college, career and real life ready. Having a great attitude, a confident communication style and a value system can enable them to live up to their complete potential.
In short, our program is like giving an extra tool kit for your child to stand out in a group of peers who excel in the same set of STREAM* skills.
* STREAM: Science Technology Robotics Engineering Arts Math

Who Our Partners Are


Keen Academy is a highly rated SAT / ACT PREP for Math and Science in the Suwanee area. Our two other convenient locations attract children from all parts of Georgia and are located in JohnsCreek and Duluth. We also have Head Start programs for all grades.

Chesstronics is a school of Chess and Robotics. We conduct weekly chess classes, supply chess products to schools and hold chess tournaments all over Atlanta. As a coding school specializing in AP Computer Science we emphasize on Web Development, Java Programming, Python and Scratch & Tynker. We run Robotics classes specializing in Vex Robotics, Drone programming, 3D Printing and Raspberry PI.

Video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by the end of 2019. Not only are video skills in increasing demand, but the ability to tell your story through video can be a powerful tool for self expression. Our Video 101 courses through Erin Goodier, an Atlanta based videographer, are designed to teach middle through high schoolers how to make quality videos with their smartphones and free editing software. After these courses, they can begin creating their own stories with the tools they have at hand, including actual cameras and popular editing software.

At EFE Tutoring, we teach children, teens, adults and seniors:

* Communicate with Confidence
* Give an Elevator Pitch About Your Strengths
* Learn to Listen First
* Simplify Their Speak
* Speak Effectively and Eloquently
* Tell Their Story and Find Their Voice


Financially Astute teaches financial literacy primarily to middle and high school students. The presentations focus on areas that will have the greatest impact in the near term for students and will help them become financially responsible adults. Presentations cover basic concepts such as budgeting, credit, fraud, and more.

At Whole Fit, our mission is to educate individuals about the importance of nutrition, wellness, and their physical and mental health and to properly implement these values in their daily lives.