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Dear Parents,

Life is a beautiful miracle and we’re all truly blessed. So, please remind your children that everyone has greatness in them. This girl who’s sitting here with you. That boy who’s playing outside. You. Me. Everyone. Sometimes, we forget that and let our circumstances direct how we feel about ourselves and our abilities.

Electronics & Crafts: 

We looked at the mazes that children drew as part of homework. We assembled Lincoln logs while we talked about all the things we’ve learnt so far. And then we got started on our day’s project – Making paper helicopters. It was extra special because we learnt about electricity using LED Circuit Stickers, Conductive copper tape and 3V coin cell batteries.

There’s so much joy and pride we experience in building something that did not exist before. When we use our ideas, our hands and our thoughts while putting our focus and our senses on the process, amazing results happen. That’s the concept behind our workshop style learning at class. And that’s the joy we experienced as we built those paper airplanes and launched them while standing on top of chairs.

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