Machine Learning & Computer Science

The importance of Technology Proficiency as a Core Life Skill:

Nearly 65% of teachers surveyed say they use digital learning tools to teach every day, and 57% of students say they use them to learn every day.
Source: Survey conducted by on Use of Ed Tech in schools.

Our Curriculum and Our Philosophy:   

Here are a couple of facts: 
1. Computer Science is the key ingredient in all aspects of our modern lives.
2. Our children won’t be working in the same types of jobs we hold today.

So, then, can we really train them with “job skills” as many other Coding and Tech schools have us believe?

While we can teach them to interpret algorithms, data and applications, we must also train our children in Ethical Coding standards so they understand the implications of what they’re creating in the larger context of the best interest of our present society and future generations.

That’s why our curriculum is innovative and project-based, so children set goals early on to help with every decision they make to move forward. We help children work on finding their passion while showing them the importance of having dedication and a strong work ethic. Imagine children exploring while doing math, learning to code and engage in play in the real world while seeing their creations come to life in the virtual world.


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