This Week In Class: Find Your Voice

Dear Parents,

We want to be happy with another car, with another spouse or with another internet service provider. On a daily basis, we use our expectations on our children and others as a gauge of our happiness. But how can anything that’s impermanent be a source of permanent happiness?

I Use My Words:

This week in class, we learnt the importance of using the right words to communicate. We role played different scenarios to practice our speaking-up skills. We played an outdoor game to understand how to resolve conflicts. We learnt to speak slowly, clearly and directly to the person we’re addressing our words. We talked about “Without words, how else can we convey the depth of our knowledge or the ideas that come from our thoughts?”

In Pursuit of the Elusive Joy:

Material consumption can bring us happiness, but after a while, we’re back to craving that dopamine rush of excitement once again. We continue to consume more because the threshold of bliss is not being met. No wonder, Materialism is expecting the everlasting from the never lasting.

Another thing we associate happiness with is, it has to be achievement based. We wait for that promotion, we wait to hear from Ivy League Colleges for their acceptance letters for our children and we want to be rewarded for the work we should have done anyway.

My question to you is simple. Why can’t we just be happy, in the awareness of gratitude for life that has brought us here?

Thank you!

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