This Week In Class: Listen to Learn

Dear Parents,

“I’m because, we are.” As coaches, these are the words we want to instill in our children to show them that we are all products of someone else’s kindness on top of our own hard work and effort. 


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I Listen to Learn:

This is what we talked in our second class, Leaders are good listeners. Our three word takeaway was: “I Listen to Learn.”

We talked about all the ways we can learn. And the first step to any meaningful conversation is the way we first listen to understand the other person. 

And just for us parents, we want to give you some strategies on how you can infuse Social and Emotional skills into your home life on a daily basis. 

Rich Daily Lives:

We all aspire to raise children who treat themselves and others with compassion and respect. 

Here are some ways we can bring Social and Emotional learning into our children’s lives at home: 

  1. Be a role model. Showcase to your children all the positive aspects of a social connection when you interact with family and strangers through compassion and understanding. 
  2. When you see behavior in your children that you love, say so. 
  3. Encourage them to express their feelings, by asking them to describe them out loud, while sharing age appropriate emotions of yours with them. 
  4. When you watch movies, or news, ask them if they recognize social behaviors like conflict and resolution.

Thank you!

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