This Week In Class: Manners & Etiquette

Dear Parents,

We want our children to never be hurt, never worry about facing the word “No” or experience chaos in the classroom or in life. We except things to be orderly atleast for them, and we try our best constantly to make sure of that. But, can we as parents, sustain the aspect of calm and predictability in their lives at all times??

I Have Good Manners:

Whether its manner at the table or our digital etiquette, children learn so much from observing their parents. So, let’s what how we act in the privacy of our homes and under public gaze. Everyone must be allowed a certain degree of freedom of expression and etiquette as long as they’re not being harmful to themselves or others.

Our Fragile Children:

When we as parents are afraid to say “No” or to give permission to our children to fail, we set up their lives for inevitable failure. This is harsh advice for many to hear, but, please parents, listen up.


Let them walk in your neighborhood to their friend’s house. Open a bank account for them and allow them to make a sale with the cashier. If they’re in a squabble with their siblings, allow their feelings “to get hurt”. Or now that fall’s arriving, allow them to blow those dead leaves for you.

The idea is simple. Don’t build a fort of protection around them, because it’s unreasonable to think we can be their safekeepers for ever. Look around you, so many children from previous generations are not so good at “Adulting”, missing all age appropriate milestones these days. Let’s begin by teaching them that a life without a trophy is not supposed to be traumatic.

Thank you!

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