This Week In Class:​ Goal Setting & Sustenance

Dear Parents,

Goal setting is a deeply personal act where you realize you’re competing with a yesterday’s version of yourself to become better today. We can help our children realize and sustain their goals by bringing self awareness, education and action into their thoughts.

Goal setting for teens can be a great tool of personal commitment to excellence and growth. It can turn them into contributing citizens thereby helping them lead happy, independent and successful lives.

Key Skills: 

Adaptability, the skill of responding well to uncertainty, can be learned through practice and experience. Here’s how you can open up your mind to possibilities.

1. Be spontaneous. Shuffle up your routine once in a while and see how it feels.
2. Question your ideas and beliefs. Are they your thoughts or are they the result of conditioning from society and norms? Think of personal alternatives to standard cultural definitions.
3. Get some perspective. See how others are living their lives and shift your focus from yourself to the outside world. In a bigger context, our most painful problems become trivial.
4. Learn something that takes training and practice. Get back to doing something difficult or new, like learning how to play an instrument or teaching yourself how to cook.
5. Let your mind wander. Go for a walk and allow pockets of boredom to get your mind working without constraints.

Commitment and Clarity:

If you want to set your children on a path to performing at their highest level, instead of sleep walking through life, you need to remind them that commitment is a choice. It also happens to be one of our 6 C’s at FutureSTRONG Academy. Here’s what we equip our children with:

* Cultivate Personal Accountability
* Learn the Effects of Technology on Productivity
* Think Critically and Make Responsible Decisions
* Self Discipline and Delay Gratification
* Inculcate Self Engagement and Self Motivation
* Develop High Standards of Personal Excellence

Thank you for being a part of our ecosystem!

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