This Week In Class: Raising Problem Solvers

Dear Parents,

Is there a better way to be a lifelong learner than being a parent? Parenting teaches us to be humble, to be open minded, learn from our mistakes, to cope with our emotions and to get out of our comfort zone, doesn’t it?

I Can Solve Problems:

This week’s class is all about raising a problem solver. You can see a problem as a situation that you must overcome or as a debilitating showstopper. Its upto us and our attitude towards all the hurdles we face in our daily lives. We can continue this journey with our children at home by giving them all the things that money can’t buy – like lessons in resilience and grit in the face of distress.

Creative Incubator: 

When children own their education, they feel empowered. At FutureSTRONG Academy, our children range from 6 years to 13 years or 12 years to 18 years of age in any given class. The idea is to build an ecosystem of multi generational expertise and wisdom amongst us.

When such a diverse age group of children work on the same concept in their own ways, they discover ways of doing things differently by learning from one another. Through the intersection of various points of insights and learning, they integrate their skills to achieve a more wholesome concept of a given topic.

When little children see what the older ones are upto, they understand how far they can go. When older children see the younger ones, they discover who they are and how they’ve grown to be where they are now.

Thank you!

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