This Week In Class: Personal Power

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I Am Sunshine:

This is what we talked in our first class, Personal Power. Our three word takeaway was: “I Am Sunshine.”

We learnt about what drives our personal power and what takes away from it. Ask your children what they learnt from the new vocabulary of their Personal power traits. 

And just for us parents, lets understand how shame takes away from our potential to Become Unstoppable. 


Shame is a deeply private and painful emotion that takes roots in the belief that we’re not somehow good enough and are not worthy of being accepted by others because of our shortcomings. 

When does it happen:
Experience of rejection instead of compassion, support and understanding.

Here are some ways we can help ourselves in such a situation:

  1. Remember that someone else’s attitude cannot be your worry and grief.
  2. If your current situation stems out of circumstances out of your control, how is it your fault?
  3. Label your feelings and see them evaporate. Say those bad words louder and feel their power go away!
  4. No one is perfect. 
  5. Learn what empathy is. 


Empathy is a learned skill. It is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. When we learn to be empathetic, we can understand others and become more acceptable of them without passing judgement. When we see things from other’s perspective, we begin to understand that their rude behavior or their lack of respect towards us stems from a deep lack of respect for themselves. 


Please don’t forget to ask your children the story of ‘How I too can be someone’s sunshine.” 

Thank you! 

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