This Week In Class: Being Self Aware

Dear Parents,

Every moment of our lives is a learning moment if we choose to look at our experiences in that light. Our daily life, especially as parents, teaches us to stay humble, that we don’t always have the answers and that we can best teach our children through our behavior than words.

I Am Self Aware:

This week in class, we talked about the different emotions we experience and why we react the way we do. Emotions are the feelings that surface to top within us as a result of our thoughts or experiences in the present moment. In the best case, they can be a catalyst for a positive change, in the worst, a recipe for a disastrous social conflict.

Self management, the most sought after 21st Century skill means – regulating one’s reaction to stress, expressing emotions appropriately, delaying gratification, resilience, and staying on course to one’s goals of growth without getting overwhelmed.

Parents, here are some tips that can help you overcome your own anxiety towards your children.

How Anxiety Arises:

Having high expectations of children if they’re struggling to cope results in conflict. Anxiety comes with the uncertainty of new circumstances that both parents and growing children face. Anxiety arises when both the parent and child refuse to see the other’s point of view.

As children and parents go through their own transitions, we as parents also are struggling to decide which parenting style we should adopt at any given moment. And that’s where anxiety arises from, when we find ourselves reinventing the wheels for every new problem life brings.

How Parenting Must Evolve: 

We are used to giving more guidance and protection in the early years of our children. But as they grow, they expect us to be more hands off and less rigid in our manners with them.

Having a balance of both permissive and authoritative styles is the ideal way of parenting. Give your children the guidelines and expectations to thrive while giving them the support they need with their struggles.

Thank you!

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