This Week In Class: Give & Receive Respect

Dear Parents,

We want our children – Resilient, Decisive and Compassionate. But, how many minutes a day do we spend nurturing these qualities in them?
All day, everday, we as parents act in full blown survival mode. We forget to remind ourselves that our bodies and our minds need downtime. We don’t always have to be productive.

Real life is boring. Let’s encourage our children to day dream. Let their boredom not be rescued by YouTube all the time. Boredom allows our brains to connect the dots between our thoughts and our experiences, and helps problem solving.
Once in a while lets have that terrifying thing called a “deep conversation” with our loved ones. Let’s learn to unbusy ourselves intentionally.

I Am Respectful:

This week in class, we talked about the need to respect ourselves and others. We discussed how we can manage relationships well when we appreciate and interact with integrity and courtesy. We learnt how to give praise and show our acceptance. We understood that only when we can give, we have the ability to receive respect. We talked about being respectul both online and offline.

Let’s Learn From Our Children:

Through the eyes of a child, this present moment suspends a DEEP WONDER. We can learn so many things by being in the moment like them.

  • That way we don’t rule anything out.
  • Think really small, take baby steps, never answering anything big and don’t have to leave midway when things get overwhelming.
  • We would go for the obvious rather than over-complicate every situation.
  • Take into consideration things that other people might not think are reasonable.
  • Have no preconceptions or biases.
  • We would see ourselves for who we truly are, and not for what we aim our worth and success to be.
  • We would cry one minute and laugh out loud the next.
  • We would all engage in brainstorming, while no idea is a stupid one.

Thank you!

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