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Have you wondered why we’re hearing the two words “Artificial Intelligence” more and more these days. Here are the top two reasons why. In the last decade, the growth in

a. Our computing power and
b. The spread of internet and social media has been exponential.

Our classes that involve building robots, or taking them apart – have three learning objectives.

1. We learn about Gears and Gear trains. And their function to provide pulling power “torque” in devices. We talk about all the places we come across gears in our daily lives. We decide to make it a point to observe how different machines operate and if gears are involved in their functioning.
2. We discuss the three laws of Robotics that can help us determine if we’re building Robots for ethical purposes.
3. We build or take apart Robots as much as we can and we do it without using an Instructional manual.

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