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This Week In Class: I Am Focused

Dear Parents,

This is an actual email sent by a local Atlanta School Principal in March of this year:

“Dear Parents,

We need your help and support. Unfortunately, we are seeing the beginnings of “Spring Fever” here at school. Students are extremely talkative, off-task, and not completing all of their work. This is an important time in the academic year when the curriculum starts to get more demanding. Therefore, we need all students to be on-task in all subject areas and putting forth their best effort at all times.

We are going to put all 3 homerooms together on Friday morning, and have a serious talk with them. The main focus of the talk will be about the behaviors we have been seeing, and informing them that we will be enforcing stronger consequences for their actions. If you could please reinforce this at home, we would greatly appreciate it.
Thank You
<Principal of a Local Public School>”

I Am Focused: 

This week in class, we did a spelling test in our class to identify all the words associated with focus and attention management. We talked about how our brain is the most precious resource and attention our most important currency in the modern world. In our distracted daily digital lives, there’s a greater need to understand the true cost of task switching. Our mental health and our productivity are at stake when we don’t stay focused.

What are Brain Breaks or Mental Speed bumps?

Brain breaks are focused attention activities that give brains a break from intense mentally challenging lessons children are expected to learn every day. They are good for us adults too because so much is expected out of us each day.

Such breaks give our brain a chance to shift its focus away to something low-stakes and fun for a few minutes. They are shown to boost productivity and creativity once we return to our learning tasks.

Examples include:
Jogging in place. Rock paper scissors game. Thumb, pinky alternate flip. Staring at a calming nature photo slideshow. Coloring sheets. Deep breathing.

Are you checking on yourself with a few mental speed bumps every day? Not yet? Start today and see how you begin to prioritize for the better.

Thank you!

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