Our Class Structure

At Future STRONG our curriculum has no textbooks, no tests and no wrong or right answers. Our class structure includes discussing the topic of the week in the form of stories, questions and worksheets to reinforce values, critical thinking and enrichment of character. Every class we teach has a unique take away – it equips the child to take a new thinking approach to learning. 

Here are the contents of our classes.



This is a brief introduction of the topic to set the intention of what the class is about. This will tell the children what they will be able to know, do and understand at the end of the class.



This interactive session will help children think about the topic in the form of questions. As we brainstorm, children will be able to quantify their learning in the form of answers.


Stories give us the “why” for what we do with our lives. Unlike facts and figures, concepts told in the form of stories have the ability to stick with us and are truly our life long lessons.


During the lesson, students will collaborate in groups of three or more to solve problems in real life scenarios. This will help them put into practice the depth of their understanding of the topic.



Relevant thought exercises can help children comprehend difficult concepts. At the end of each lesson, children will fill out a worksheet that shows their understanding about the topic. 


Homework will require children to put their comprehension into life long application. Because attitude, discipline and instinct can only be measured through actions and experience. 

What makes human potential COMPLETE?

We believe that human potential has two aspects, a skill set for professional excellence – aptitude, and a tool kit for personal excellence – the right attitude needed to face real life, something that the curriculum at Future STRONG equips our children with.