Build a Bridge

Dear Parents,

Its so important to introduce our children to enriching vocabulary at an early age. We can encourage them to ask questions and help them benefit from their curiosity to understand concepts around them using the strength of their words. And that’s part of the learning process here at our classes every time.

Bridges and Trusses: 

We played with our VEX Catapults to see how they work. We looked at our drawings of Catapults that was part of our homework from the previous week.

We talked about how technology and engineering is integrated to create some of the most magnificent bridges of the world. We talked about how integrating Technology with Core curriculum subjects like Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies is possible in the real world.

We built our own trusses using marshmallows and toothpicks and talked about weight bearing portions of our designs. When we want to become engineers, we must think and act like one, isn’t it?

We discussed Construction and Engineering Basics like Gravity, Mechanical Strength, Structure and Geometrical Strength. We talked about what other supplies can be used to construct similar structures.


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