The areas in which a human self-sabotages himself or herself on a daily basis are endless. Judgement, anxiety, fear, regret, stress, shame, grace, expectations, perfection, self-doubt, bias, vices, time management etc. and so much more.



Cultivate Your Mind:


Your thoughts determine the quality of your life. Look at failures as just stepping stones. Develop the mindset of no problem is too big to face.

Self-doubt, ruminating about the past, regret and guilt are emotions that sabotage our thought resources. Instead learn about strategies like Critical and Divergent thinking to boost your productivity.

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Train Your Messy Mind:


Someone spoils my mood. I hold onto the grudge of how they’ve wronged me, for a few years to come. And because of that, now, I’ve given away my personal power to those people and circumstances that continue to bother me long after the incidents have occurred.

Why do you do that to ourselves as humans, do we have a superior mind only to sabotage ourselves on a daily basis? There are usually two things that bother us from having a perfect mind.

1. External stimuli and the way we respond and react to it.
2. And the inner monologue that keeps telling us that we are not good enough.

Expectations take us out of the moment. They steal the joy that the present moment is guaranteed to offer us. In addition to that, we don’t necessary prune our thoughts. We let mess gather in our head space.

We allow regrets, worries, secrets, comparisons, and grudges pile up making our beautiful and serene mind impossibly cluttered. Read more HERE.



Resolve The Inner Conflict:


Conflict doesn’t always involve another party or a person. Inspite of our best efforts, sometimes we sabotage ourselves with decisions and actions that leave us conflicted.

In order to align ourselves with the need of the moment, we can start by doing the right thing. Instead of second guessing ourselves, we can help reconcile with how we feel with the circumstances in front of us. We can focus on our actions and responsibilities not the results. After all, when we are our true selves, there’s nothing to be resolved.

And instead of living in constant combat with what’s evolving around us, we can simply become open to the idea of surrender. We can soak in every experience and acknowledge and accept that things are not always going to go our way. Come to think of it, there is great peace in living the moment rather than resisting it.

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