Our Brains On Risks And Rewards:


There are two aspects to our brain when it comes to trying out new things. One of them is the activation system and the other is the inhibition system. The activation system encourages us to do things based on potential rewards, for example like putting up our profile on a dating site in the hopes of meeting our future soul mate. The inhibition system on the other hand uses our basic survival instincts of stress and anxiety to stop us from doing thing that might be uncomfortable or just plain risky.




1. Get Out: 


All of us thrive on routines, that’s why we are called creatures of habit. When things are predictable, there’s a sense of safety. When we stick to something we are good at, there’s a sense of mastery. And when we feel safe and confident, we feel a sense of daily wellbeing.

But, here in lies the danger. Seldom does the predictable nature of anything bring out a surprise element of growth to it. Because, where there’s no change, there’s no growth. Of course, sometimes the change is not what we want, that’s why we resist getting out of our comfort zones in the first place.




2. Try Something New:


What we’re afraid of while trying new things is our fear of failure. Start by rewriting what success means to you when you’re about to start working on a project. Here’s my definition: “Success” is about working hard consistently, making difficult choices and outlasting my competition.

If we didn’t have a fighting spirit, we wouldn’t have survived the Covid virus and the apocalypse it posed for us. Similarly, if you have a disdain for smart phones and their addictive nature, you won’t be able to keep up with the digital revolution. So you will have to create boundaries for using your devices. Keep these things in mind and set yourself up for something you would normally not do.

If you want to incorporate exercise in your daily life, join a hiking group so that way you can also use group momentum to move you forward. If you want to switch your career, start by understanding what you want to do next. Meet people who are already doing what you would like to do.



3. Build Resilience:


When it gets uncomfortable, lean into it a little more. I was so stressed out about vlogging because I was not sure if I wanted to be in front of the camera. But, my friends encouraged me and told me what I do well, so that gave me the confidence to do what I do now. If you see my earlier videos, they are cringy, but it has been an exciting learning curve.

There’s one thing in the world that in equal parts can excite us and also scare the living day lights out of us! Can you guess what it is? If you guessed an ambitious goal, you’re right.

When you’re in a dilemma, look for your values. Follow your dharma, it will always point you in the right direction. When things don’t go according the plan, don’t analyze the results. If you’re truly following your Dharma, all you need to do is to reconcile with your actions and move forward.

Good luck!


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