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What’s Going On:


Content that’s dangerous because its being produced by YouTube “celebrities” and influencers to seek attention and gain followers.

“In the unsupervised experience, the app includes a feature that lets you see how much time you’ve spent watching videos, and you can set reminders to turn off autoplay and take a break. The site is entirely user-generated and relies on its community to flag videos that violate YouTube’s terms of service (mostly for sexual content, language, and hate speech).” – SOURCE

The comment section is a septic tank. What about related videos that are being recommended. You can’t remove YouTube’s related videos, which display in the Up Next section. But you can adjust some settings to reduce the risk of your kid seeing inappropriate related videos. Here are all the things you can do instead.

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Disturbing Content And Hyper Sexualization Of Young Minds:


“In recent months, parents like Ms. Burns have complained that their children have been shown videos with well-known characters in violent or lewd situations and other clips with disturbing imagery, sometimes set to nursery rhymes. Many have taken to Facebook to warn others, and share video screenshots showing moments ranging from a Claymation Spider-Man urinating on Elsa of “Frozen” to Nick Jr. characters in a strip club.”

This is from the article, On YouTube Kids, Startling Videos Slip Past Filters.






Stress Due To Sexually Explicit Content:


“There have been times when a child is brought to my office between [the ages of] eight and 10 and they’re found doing sexual things: oral sex, kissing and getting naked and acting out sexual poses. This usually indicates some sort of sexual abuse. In the past, whenever I did some investigating, I would find a child who has been molested himself or that an adult has been grooming the child for abuse. However, in the last five years, when I follow the trail all the way back, it’s YouTube and that’s where it ends,” said Natasha Daniels a licensed clinical social worker.




SOURCE: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/13/youtube-is-causing-stress-and-sexualization-in-young-children.html




Suggestive And Age Inappropriate Content:




“Youtube videos that, at first glance, seem like they’re for kids, but are sexual or violent in nature, are causing concern for some parents. The videos come from Youtube channels like “Smile Kids TV” and “Toys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs.””

SOURCE: https://www.fox13news.com/news/inappropriate-cartoons-show-up-in-youtubes-videos-for-kids




In an episode of Tiny Toons Adventures, Daffy Duck reads a Playduck magazine. This is obviously a spin-off of a real-life magazine that contains, well, not ducks to be completely honest. You get the picture. Bugs Bunny scoffs and seems disappointed, but later, we know he looked, too.

SOURCE: https://whythese.com/adultcart/



How To Protect Our Kids From YouTube Poop:


Caroline Knorr from Common Sense Media says kind of content has a name: “YouTube Poop – That’s p-o-o-p because they’re just kind of crap. They are created by online trolls, just for the purpose of shocking or disturbing people,” Knorr explained. If you stumble across videos you think are inappropriate, Knorr says you should flag or report them to YouTube. You can do that by clicking the three dots at the bottom of any video and then clicking “report.”

You can also put your YouTube app in “restricted mode.” You’ll see the option at the bottom of every page. Restricted mode hides videos that may contain inappropriate content flagged by other users.

SOURCE: https://www.clickorlando.com/consumer/2017/04/03/trolls-trick-kids-into-watching-disturbing-youtube-videos/




Cyberbullying And The Comments Section: 


“Kids on YouTube are the most likely to be cyberbullied at 79 percent, followed by Snapchat at 69 percent, TikTok at 64 percent, and Facebook at 49 percent.”
SOURCE: Twenty Crucial Statistics for 2023 by Security.org.

Find out more resources on Cyberbullying: Click HERE.



What Happened to Elle Mills?


Watch why Elle Mills left YouTube after flourishing as one of its biggest creators.





Cited Works:


This post is an adapted version of the workshop that I attended.
It’s 9pm..Do you know what apps your teens are using?
Online Parent University “Keeping Teens Safe in a Digital World” on 9/27/23 Wednesday, 6pm-7pm.

In this meeting, we learnt about the safety concerns of popular apps among teens, unsafe default settings/parental controls, cyberbullying, and ways to teach teens to stay safe as they navigate the digital world.



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The Digital Literacy Project: Disrupting humanity’s technology addiction habits one truth at a time.

Truth About Technology


Going out for dinner, calling your mom or going to a party used to be about talking to people, about conversation. But during the last ten years something has shifted. Instead of talking about the food, we post a picture of it online; instead of calling our mother, we send her an email updating her on our lives; and at the party we’re busy showing other people YouTube clips and messaging with friends at a bar instead of talking to other people there. In short, face-to-face conversation is nowhere to be found.

~ Reclaiming Conversation by Sherry Turkle


Find Out All The Signs Of Technology Addiction

Find Out All The Signs Of Technology Addiction

* Signs Of Something Terrible:   Around the house, and around you, there can be unmistakable signs of tech addiction. You have no interest in what's happening around you. You're lying to yourself about how much you use your phone. The first obvious sign is that...

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