Threads of Justice is a group art exhibit centered on social justice. Twelve local Asian American artists imagine an equitable future for our communities using denim jackets as canvases. Their works speak on cultural identity, personal experiences, while touching on themes of labor, belonging, and organizing.

The featured artists are Gabby Lee, Ghazal Qadri, Helen Choi, Herok Kim, Jonny Warren, Killamari, Leah Abucayan, Neha Patel, Sanithna, Sayma Hossain, and Tanjina Islam.




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Writer-At-Large – The Atlanta Airport

Writer-At-Large – The Atlanta Airport

*   When you're a writer-at-large, you let life happen to you. That way, you let your eyes steal everything that they see, put a spin on it and spill onto paper / machine some "stream of consciousness" kinda cool stuff. After COVID, life somehow feels throbbing...

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