Sea oats are tall grass, sometimes reaching 8 feet high, with golden yellow seed heads or oats at their tips. They help form dunes that create a natural land barrier for any water line. As sand accumulates, sea oats continue to grow over these piles of sands and eventually dunes are formed.

On a windy day, our feet get sandblasted. But, the wind doesn’t push the sand upto our faces. That’s because the sea oats trap the wind in the dunes and slow their velocity.

Sea oats help in the quick recovery of dunes after a storm. These plants create an ecosystem of food for beach mice, rabbits and birds.

Sea oats are not just your pretty face on the beach. They have a hard life. Salt from the ocean winds coats their leaves and stems. Winds and high tides bring sand all over them most days. They endure long periods of drought during hot weather.

But, inspite of their tough life, sea oats do very well in poor soil. What might kill other plants around them only makes them stronger. Their rhizomes, the underground stem network that generates lateral shoots and adventitious roots at intervals, reach 40 feet below the sand’s surface.

In fact, there’s no point being too nice to sea oats. If the soil is rich and fertile, other plants will grow eventually choking out the sea oats.

They remind me of children who are beautiful and happy on the outside and tough and enduring on the inside. Waving for the camera yet ready to endure when hard times come.


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