Stage 1 Developing Awareness.


The motivation for change begins with a sense that we aren’t fulfilling our full potential in at least one area of our life.



Stage 2 Discovery.


The discovery stage is where your conscious mind has located the primary source of your discomfort and is doing it’s best to help you become more aware of its presence. For personal change to occur beyond this stage, it’s crucial that we accept that the source of our uneasiness is within ourselves, and also within our ability to control. Capacity to adopt a new mindset is a prerequisite for moving on to the next stage in this process of personal change.



Stage 3 Ownership.


In this stage, we must take sole responsibility for our discomfort or unease. At this stage, we consciously recognise that it is our thought patterns, emotional inconsistencies, lifestyle habits, perception, limiting beliefs, or our faulty reasoning that needs to be amended.

This essential step brings us to the realisation that we alone are in control of how it is that we choose to respond or react to the circumstances/situations that we find ourselves in. In life, empowerment comes via taking responsibility, and assuming full ownership of any given situation opens the doorway towards a whole new level of maturity, empowerment and personal growth.



Stage 4 Exposure.


This is the stage in the process of change where we expand our search to identify the habit or attitude that has stopped serving us. Rather than initiating a confrontation, it’s often easier to reflect upon our patterns of behavior to identify how our different beliefs (Albert Ellis’ Irrational Beliefs) might be affecting our lives. Once we recognize that we’ve been held back or limited by a particular idea, we will then have both logic and emotion supporting our desire for change.



Stage 5 Intention.


This is the threshold of personal change. You have identified an old belief (or behaviour pattern), and you are now motivated to replace it with something more useful. You’re ready to move away from your previous stage and embrace the new. It’s time to choose a direction.



Stage 6 Action.


Taking consistent action is the only means by which to achieve real time results. If you don’t take action, nothing will change, and your discomfort with the present reality will intensify due to your now greater awareness of it. Taking action demands that we let go of fear and apathy, and embrace faith and uncertainty, as we step out of the comfort zone and into the gap between where we previously were, and where it is that we envisage ourselves being.



Stage 7 Integration.


This is the last phase of the process of personal growth where change has now happened. What started out as a mental awareness that an adjustment needed to be made in your life, has consequentially resulted in a new evolution in your journey of personal growth and development.


* * *


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