Our True Aspirations:


If I ask you what you want in life, you might say, recognition, a handsome income, and a comfortable life. But, what about the most important reason why any of the things we want in life matter? Our personal freedom.

Don’t believe me? Just ask asylum seekers or refugees who are fleeing their countries what they want the most in life? Of course, it’s the peace of mind that comes with the idea of the freedom that awaits them in a new land.

So, instead of chasing what society thinks we must aspire for, what if we all spent time understanding what actually sets our spirit free.

But what is free will? Read on.



The Idea Of Free Will:


John Stuart Mill was really big on individual choice, for example, he says that a person’s “own mode of laying out his existence is best, not because it is best in itself; but because it is his own mode.”

In the same vein, he emphasizes the importance of freedom and self-actualization, not letting yourself be cowed into conformity by what he calls the “despotism of custom” or browbeaten into accepting orthodoxy by what he calls “the tyranny of the prevailing opinion.”

Works Cited: This section is an excerpt from: https://www.philosophytalk.org/blog/js-mill-and-good-life



The Art Of Non-Conformity:


Free will is making free choices instead of tying its counter argument to past outcomes. Our free will leads to new choices, which in turn leads to new outcomes.

Of course, free will comes with acute moral responsibility. Read more HERE. https://iep.utm.edu/freewill/



Actions Of A Free Man:


We can train as much and as long as we want, but unless we test it in real life, we are not turning our learning into action. When our training and testing coincide, we’re living our truth.

Our truth now is our truth for now, not our past or our future. There’s something inherently breathtaking to watch someone who’s living their truth. In standing up for what they believe in even if it’s not the popular thing to do.

When our thoughts, words and our actions align, we bring about peace around us and begin to live in a “No conflict” zone.




Most people equate discipline with an absence of freedom. In fact, the opposite is true. Only the disciplined are truly free. The undisciplined are slaves to moods, appetites and passions. Can you play the piano? I can’t. I don’t have the freedom to play the piano. I never disciplined myself. … What about the freedom to forgive, to ask forgiveness? What about the freedom to love unconditionally, to be a light, not a judge – a model, not a critic? Think of the discipline involved in these. Discipline comes from being “discipled” to a person or a cause. ~ Simon Haas, The Book of Dharma: Making Enlightened Choices



Physical & Mental Clutter Holds Us Back: 


Something that also doesn’t allow us to fully live is what is holding us back. We all collect physical and mental clutter, day after day, week after week filling up our garages and our brains. We hold things for sentimental value and sad thoughts because we can’t let go.

Even in our heads, we’re cluttering our thoughts. Chaos, self-doubt, regret and over-thinking can disrupt peace. Mental clutter happens because of decision fatigue as well.

Read more on clutter holds us back. Click HERE.



Born To Be Free:


We face a lot of terrors on a daily basis, of course, I’m not talking about the fear of missing our flight because we are last minute packers.

Living to our full potential is true freedom. The beauty of our human existence is we were born to be free. A life that’s true to your own values, ethics, and morals. And one with no fear of rejections and embarrassments. It is me getting an opportunity to use my strengths every single day. It is me not letting my own or others’ expectations drown me.

True freedom fosters growth. It is accepting chaos, allowing shit to pile up once in a while and delegating things we really can’t take up.

It gives us insight through pitfalls. Discipline seeks the truth. Discipline doesn’t shackle. Discipline is when the unnecessary fall off effortlessly.

When we’re free to express ourselves as openly, honestly and as creatively as we’re able to, that’s when we’re able to live truly freely.

Read more to understand the different kinds of freedom including the freedom that needs less. Click HERE.



True Freedom Has Boundaries:


Apart from the legal issues that arise when we all attempt to do whatever we choose to do, there are ethical issues. So, freedom within a prescribed personal and social context is what is valued the most. Isn’t it true that only in the context of boundaries our freedom means something?

Imagine if everyone in the world had the same luxury of unlimited personal freedom, we would not be even thinking of how privileged we are compared to the scores of refugees inhabiting the earth. Similarly, we are only free to change lanes on the road, only when all of us follow traffic rules.

We love the vastness of the ocean, its beauty can be enthralling, but its power must be respected. Otherwise, we all can imagine the dire consequences of catching ourselves off-guard on a huge wave.

In the end, true freedom is not letting ourselves get carried away by our emotions. True freedom is having desires, but not becoming compelled to act on them at all times. And as the old saying goes, in the world where you can be anything, be kind.


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