What Is Robotics?


Robotics for kids is a hands-on and fun way for kids to learn STEM concepts by letting them make their robots move, turn and use sensors. Robotics teaches kids how to program robots and machines to be intelligent and perform a number of complex movements while also utilizing a variety of sensors.



The Goal Of A Good Robotics Program Must Be:


A critical aspect of Robotics education is to teach programming and develop an insatiable curiosity for learning! The goal of STEAM education must be to develop conditional logic, time management, problem solving, organization and clarity, and design thinking – skills not actively taught at school. The idea is to put the power of computing in the hands of kids so they feel empowered to create rather than constantly consume.

1. To impart fundamentals of Robotics.
2. Examine how the Robotic engineering framework works.
3. Write and execute code.
4. Move and turn robots in the virtual or real world.
5. And where we can go with this knowledge to help solve human problems. And why wait to start doing great things, when we can start young?



Benefits Of Robotics:


All around the world, we’re hearing stories of communities benefits from the contributions of humans through technology.

Last year, interns at the Georgia Institute of Research were working on robots that can inject the right dosage of medicine into patients. Skills like precision, patience and empathy can only turn computer code into positive real life impact.

Here’s the story of Mady who’s a bionic arm recipient, and her story is part inspiring, part breathtaking. Welcome to the future!

Picture: @OpenBionics




Humans Vs. Machines:


At FutureSTRONG Academy, we understand that as humans and machines, we both have our unique strengths. So, it’s never about humans vs. machines. While we bring our empathy, creativity, judgment, and discretion, we program our robots to bring out diligence, speed and precision through computation.

What we see with our children, whether its 7-year olds or 17-year olds, is an instant engagement with robots. Young children can be enthusiastic learners, especially if the curriculum is built in a way that they play with ideas and not just technology.

Just as important is independent thought for children, so is team work, and the ability to listen to others, and to compromise for an optimal resolution for the problem at hand. Here are our 4 C’s for STEAM – Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication.

Gamers, graphic designers, game developers, coders, hackers – they are job titles of the 21st century. And it’s important that children can understand that We teach kids to code for games that they can share and play with their friends!

The work they do here has a direct connection to their daily lives, because they create the games they play!!



Our VexIQ Robotics Course:


Most of us in this journey of 21st century learning are bogged by questions of what learning Robotics and Coding means for K-12. Our experts are here to help!

At the end of our learning modules, our students of our VexIQ Robotics programs will:

* Orally and in writing be able to describe basic Robot Engineering design, building and driving processes.
* Build a Robot with VEX Robotics kits using RobotC programming language.
* Have had an exposure to atleast one local / regional competition complete with tactics and strategies.
* Develop an understanding of the importance of computer science as a skill along with self-efficacy, communication and teamwork.



Our Coaching Philosophy:


Our coaches, who’re often invited to judge Robotics competitions, train our children in what to expect in the competitive VEX Robotics arena.

Their insight is that every competition is judged based on these following aspects of team work:

1. Presentation style
2. Programming, engineering and technology
3. Creativity and
4. Social impact of the project being presented

Come join us to move towards a unified future!



Daniela Rus: What Does The Future Hold For Robotics And AI?




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Virtual Robotics And Coding


Our curriculum covers topics like what coding is, how code works, the program concepts of flow, loops, algorithms, conditional logic and clauses. The semantics and syntax can evolve as they understand the concepts and start practicing.

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TEEN Mastermind Workshops – The Good Citizen Initiative

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