Peace Or Possessions?


As we age, we increasingly understand what truly matters in life. Not material wealth, not expensive jackets, not even real estate property that we carefully and deliberately acquired.

As such, it is also increasingly difficult to let go of all the things that we call our own. But, if we don’t do them when we’re around, our children and our kin will be left with the painful decision of discarding things that we had held with love and care.

Decluttering helps us to get to the things that matter the most quickly and efficiently. And the best part, you won’t even miss those things you’ve tossed, we promise. Ask yourself, what are you truly after? Peace or possessions?

Here’s how to get started. Discard, donate and dump any items in your living space that doesn’t serve you. Think twice before you pick up anything new from the store other than groceries you need to survive.

Other areas like our digital bookmarks and our mental space also need massive decluttering. While old magazines and books create anxiety, digital clutter like email, social media and texts can induce terror just as much as physical clutter.



Resources To Catalog And Digitize Memories:


Here are some local Atlanta resources that might help you decide how to digitize your photos.

Modern Image:
Modern Image does both photo and document scanning. They will also shred and dispose of original items if you like.

Pixorium – owned by Jiffy Page:
Pixorium does basic scanning, but also specializes in creating photo story books.

Good Life Photo Solutions – Andi Willis:
Specializes in photo organizing and scanning

Trade In Your Apple devices and receive a Costco Shop Card:

Great resource to help divide personal property between heirs.
It will provide an inventory of your home that you can share with your family.



The KONMARI Method of Decluttering:


Mari Kondo’s decluttering method that was the rage a few years ago, adds method to the madness.

Method I:
Tidy up in one shot.
As quickly and completely as possible.

Method II:
Sort by category.
Not by location.

Method III:
Selection criterion should be:
“Does it SPARK JOY!”

Method IV:
The order must be:
Misc items



* * *


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