As a parent advocate trying to bring social, emotional and character development to families, schools and communities, it’s so exciting for me to see what Fulton County is doing with 7 mindsets, Gwinnett with its 7 Habits of Successful Teens and Barrow county with Conscious Discipline.

Thanks to Smart phones, Google, Wikipedia, Social Media, YouTube, MOOCs – there’s a lot of information that’s being thrown at our kids. We need to equip our children with tools to process information that’s relevant and important to them.

We would like a chance to pick your brain on the topic of how we can create a vibrant future where kids are self-motivated and are in control of their digital distractions. After all, our kids are not just their GPAs. :)

We’re often asked why Social, Emotional and Character Development is important.

And, as always, here’s our answer.

Are brains are social. We’re always trying to interpret the meaning of others’ actions.

Our cognitive abilities are rooted in our social connections and our experiences. As humans, we learn through accumulated wisdom of our previous generations.

The process is called abstraction. For example, we didn’t all invent our own coffee machines or our own cars when we needed one.

We think, experience and turn our learning into habits to form our daily lives. Our values and our character determine how we make choices in difficult situations.

And for children, their relationships and interactions with their parents drive their development.

Children who understand how their experiences are relevant for their learning in turn become invested in their own education and growth. So, its upon us caring adults to create such deep learning and meaningful experiences for them.

And that’s why FutureSTRONG Academy is a parent advocate run organization because we feel we can’t wait for schools to start building the whole child.




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About The Article Author:

Our mission with FutureSTRONG Academy – to grow children who respect themselves, their time and their capabilities in a world where distractions are just a click or a swipe away.

I see myself as an advocate for bringing social, emotional and character development to families, schools and communities. I never want to let this idea out of my sight – Our children are not just GPAs. I’m a Writer and a Certified Master Coach in NLP and CBT. Until 2017, I was also a Big Data Scientist. In December of 2044, I hope to win the Nobel. Namasté

Write to me or call me. Tell me what support from me looks like. 

Rachana Nadella-Somayajula,
Program Director & Essential Life Skills Coach for Kids and Busy Parents

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