• Parenting that is warm, emotionally connected, and not authoritarian, overly involved, intrusive, or needy.
  • A strong family identity that still respects individual differences.
  • Parents who understand the limits of their influence and that children need their love not their anxiety about them.
  • Parents who are confident, empathetic and extremely self-aware.
  • Parents that are not afraid to give constructive feedback, while showing their children how they might be unique and special in their own ways.
  • Parents that teach them how to emotionally regulate and keep life’s problems in the appropriate perspective.
  • Balance between discipline/guidance and the freedom to explore identity, emotions, and relationships.
  • Social interactions that are unstructured and unsupervised.
  • Opportunities to face adversity, fail, and problem-solve.
  • A balanced lifestyle that allows ample time for relaxation play, and realistic expectations.
  • The ability to recognize that everyone has both strengths and weaknesses and that this is okay.
NOTE: We know, that not all families are the same. In the above context, parents can be replaced with “Adult caregivers” in case the child is being taken care of by anyone other than their parents.


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