Just 10 years ago, overwhelm in the Real world looked like this:

1. It was the stack of unread books on our night stand.
2. A pile of dirty laundry at the foot of our bed.
3. A full kitchen sink and an empty dishwasher beckoning us to load it.

Overwhelm in the New Digital age looks like this:

All the overwhelm of the real world
All the digital clutter that’s coming at us.
Whatsapp | Social Media
Fake News

We almost never begin our days with the intention of watching 2 hours’ worth of cat videos or wedding fail videos, but that happens to most of us all the time. We have created all the pleasures and comforts, but we’re unable to find joy and happiness. We’re struggling.

And that’s because we are not giving our brains any downtime. Our brains are being overstimulated by information overload, but our brains haven’t evolved at a rate of how social media apps release their newest versions every few weeks. Our brains have not been primed for the speed of technological revolution.

The result? Digital Fatigue.

What to do instead:

1. Don’t rescue yourself from Boredom by switching on Netflix.
2. Boredom allows our brains to connect the dots between our thoughts and our experiences, and helps problem solving.

There are ways to make sure tech doesn’t become our boss. That can be done by asking ourselves what we’re using our device time for. Other than for work, unless our technology is aiding our creativity and competency, enhancing the quality of our connections and collaboration, it’s simply using our precious attention in an unproductive way.


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The Digital Literacy Project: Disrupting humanity’s technology addiction habits one truth at a time.

Truth About Technology


Going out for dinner, calling your mom or going to a party used to be about talking to people, about conversation. But during the last ten years something has shifted. Instead of talking about the food, we post a picture of it online; instead of calling our mother, we send her an email updating her on our lives; and at the party we’re busy showing other people YouTube clips and messaging with friends at a bar instead of talking to other people there. In short, face-to-face conversation is nowhere to be found.

~ Reclaiming Conversation by Sherry Turkle


Find Out All The Signs Of Technology Addiction

Find Out All The Signs Of Technology Addiction

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