The Value Of Education:


Education for life enables us to live from the heart and with enduring values. Education for life must help us 1. recognize our problems and mistakes and 2. create a plan to correct or mitigate them, so we never encounter the same issues again.

Why is education so important? When wheat is converted into bread, its value increases by 3 times. When a rough rock is polished and finished into a spectacular diamond, its value increases by 15 to 20 times.

But, when a child is mentored and educated, their value is priceless.

There’s an inevitability to our digital transformation. We must adapt or else we will be left behind. We must convert our brick and mortar schools, libraries into smart places. We must invest in staff that can help our vision expand in that direction.


Education And Digital Transformation



Education In The Digital Age:


Humanity has operated in three C’s as far as education is concerned.

1. Community: Learn through abstraction and wisdom of the previous generations.
2. Congregation: Faith based learning
3. Crafts: Learning any type of skills for occupational livelihood.

In the industrial age, we turned to the 3 R’s of education.
Reading, writing and arithmetic.

Now, in the digital age, we are at the 3 I’s. Our education, for it is be sustainable, must be:

a. interactive
b. integration: semantics and pragmatism along with language, music and arts.
c. individualized. personalized learning in a huge classroom. Think French cuisine vs. Chinese cuisine, in Chinese cuisine, with the same ingredients, many different dishes are possible, but a French cuisine often has a fixed menu.


The Truth About Ed-Tech



Recommendations For Public Policy:


What are the recommendations for public policy to enable the 21st century Digital Transformation of Public Education?

According to Jagdish Sheth, Professor of Business at Emory University, our governments must do these 4 things.

1. Invest in new age tech
2. Learn to partner with civic organizations.
3. Set standards that are global in nature.
4. And teach children how to be a contributing citizen of the world.

NOTE: The above is notes I made from an event organized by Vibha, a nonprofit organization based out of Atlanta. They conducted a civilian discourse and engagement workshop in collaboration with Amma’s (The Hugging Saint) organization, Embracing the world. Their goal is to come up with public policy standards for the G20 Educational summit that’s going to happen in August of 2023.


Education And Digital Transformation Working Group



Digital Transformation of Public Education:


C20 deliberations on “Digital Transformation of Public Education”, organized under the purview of the C20 Education and Digital Transformation Working Group, by M.A. Centers (www.EmbracingTheWorld.org) and Vibha (vibha.org).


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