So many parents come to us with this idea.
“My children are doing great at school. I don’t think you have anything to offer them.”

And here is what we tell them.
We’re not fixing anything, we’re simply building on top of their academic skills.

That’s because there are 3 kinds of children.

· One who is not so self-aware of their feelings and strengths.
· One who is not sure what to do when a problem arises. These children simply avoid situations and people that cause them anxiety and worry.
· The third one is the kind we must let our children blossom into. They are higher order thinking children who readily ask for help and don’t mind negotiating.

We help all these kinds of children learn goal setting, problem solving and decision making in the framework of our 6 C’s. Confidence, Communication, Clarity, Commitment, Collaboration and Courage.

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