Our connection to nature doesn’t have to cost us anything. We don’t have to do around it, we just simply have to be. We can lie down under the shade of a tree, we can let our fingers dip lazily into the river, or just stare at the endless sky above us. 

Freedom, democracy and peace are not simply fabricated constructs of the mind, they are a reality with nature. These aspects that we humans fight for in the human world are simply a given in the natural world. And that’s our blessing. 

The below is a photography series on how Spaniards lived their lives in a camping site in the sea side town of Sitges.

It was around 2pm on June 9th, 2023, when I started wandering the camping site. I approached people, mostly of whom were eager to exchange my smile. I would apologetically ask, “Habla inglés?” (Do you speak English?) to which almost everyone, except one person, just as apologetically replied, “Pocito” (little), or “No”.

But, I hung around for a minute or so staring at them and smiling while they did the same, and we parted ways with a courteous “Adios” (bye). Then I moved onto the next tent to visit them.

No one asked me who I was, why I was taking pictures. For those who understood my gestures if I could take pictures of their lunch and them, they simply were happy to pose for me.

People were sleeping, sewing, eating, cooking, or just hanging out with their friends. The one who knew English told me how he came to the camp site every Friday. He would cook and stay until Sunday evening to just get away from the city and unwind.

It was a magical trip in the study of humanity and kindness. And Spaniards seem to know that the connection to nature is our true connection to the ultimate God.


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