Developing A Range Of Essential Life Skills: 


Helping children learn new skills is an essential part of their growth and development. Not only are the benefits of skill development immediate but what kids acquire at an early age can also be brought well into adolescence. When paired with the right and proactive mindset, these skills can even set them up for success in later life.

Among the wide range of essential skills, kids can learn is photography, as it taps into their natural curiosity and creativity. However, teaching kids photography isn’t quite the same as teaching adults. Below, we introduce you to the significant role photography can play in kids’ advancement and the unique ways you can impart the joy and wisdom of the craft to them.



The Benefits Of Teaching Photography: 


As an art form, photography naturally builds upon children’s capacity for creativity and self-expression. In the same way, children learn storytelling techniques in school through reading and writing, taking photographs can hone their visual communication skills using basic elements like detail, exposure, angles, and coloring. But beyond creative and technical learning, photography can also cultivate soft skills such as patience and dedication, as they have to pay attention to every stage of the artistic process.

You may think it’s too early to think about it, but this combination of hard and soft skills makes photography viable as a hobby and a career. If teaching kids photography helps them realize their passion for the craft, numerous career options are waiting for them. These range from the sciences in terms of forensics and astrophotography to creative fields like travel and photojournalism.



Tips On Developing Kids’ Photography Skills: 


Finding Appropriate Gear: 


While kids can start by using smartphones or toy cameras, you eventually have to let them handle high-quality equipment like digital cameras. Since brand new cameras can be a massive investment at this age and stage of learning, you can equip them with appropriate photography gear by looking for used mirrorless cameras online. By filtering through listings and getting to know their specs, you may find that a used Nikon Z5, for example, offers great value for its price. It’s compact and simple for kids to use but still allows limitless creative opportunities through its 24.3-megapixel camera and impressive image stabilization system.

As kids develop their photography skills further, you can also introduce them to various lenses to help them create more interesting shots. One of the best beginner-friendly lenses by well-known manufacturer Canon is the Canon RF 50mm f/1.8 STM, which is perfect for capturing a vignette effect that can be fun to play with. Meanwhile, if your child uses a DSLR, you can look into the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM to help zoom into unique details when taking outdoor photos.


Taking Kids To Art Museums And Galleries:


Teaching kids the fundamentals of photography and giving them creative prompts and exercises can definitely help integrate technical and hands-on learning. But a practical way to reinforce this learning approach is to take kids to art museums and galleries. To start, gallery and museum visits can be a fun and interactive experience that develops children’s cognitive and sensory skills. These visits can also support their social and emotional health and well-being if they go with their family members or peers.

In the context of learning photography, these visits can also be an avenue for building their appreciation of photography and art as a whole. Aside from letting them take photos of the artworks that interest them, they can look at the images displayed and learn firsthand what makes them visually appealing and meaningful.

Overall, photography is a worthwhile hobby and passion that allows kids to exercise their creative muscles and acquire developmental skills essential not just for childhood but also for later life. It’s crucial to start slow and match their pace when teaching them and to encourage them continuously as they improve and build on each skill. Here at FutureSTRONG Academy, we help parents and mentors guide children to unlock their full potential through workshops, courses, and resources.





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