What Is Phishing?


The CSRC, Computer Security Resource Center, says that Phishing is the technique for attempting to acquire sensitive data, such as bank account numbers, through a fraudulent solicitation in email or on a web site, in which the perpetrator masquerades as a legitimate business or reputable person.

Phishing is the number one way that someone can steal our identity.  We all have received emails, messages or pop-ups mostly with someone promising us money if we would just provide our bank account number.

Seniors, adults and now students are increasingly becoming victims of these scams. Because of their age and attachment to social media, children are more prone to communication with people electronically and are more trusting and apt to give out private information to strangers.

We have to teach them to be skeptical about online requests for personal information as well as being able to discern messages or posts that might seem out of character for people they actually know. This could be a warning sign that their friends account has been hacked.


• Avoid opening the message or email in the first place.
• Don’t click on any links or download any attachments.  They may contain viruses or spyware.
• Don’t reply to anyone you don’t know or are not sure of.
• Mark as “junk mail” or “spam” for your email provider, or report it to your social network.
• If you are concerned about an account you have with a company, contact the customer service department of that company by phone.
• Verify the company’s contact information elsewhere online before you engage with them.



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Awareness is our best defense against crooks.





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