Technological Literacy or Digital Citizenship is the wealth of knowledge that we all need in order to be good citizens of the digital age. We all have a playbook for how to live in the real world, and digital citizenship guidelines allow us to understand the rules of living and thriving in the online world of the internet and social media.

In other words, the standards of proper, responsible behavior (and its effects on oneself and others) when using technology can be referred to as digital citizenship.




Really Good Videos On Internet And Social Media Use:


The Congressional Task Force On Digital Citizenship:


Positive Technology Use Guidelines:


Promoting Digital Citizenship At Home And Class:


US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights Digital Citizenship Guidelines:


Digital Citizenship Curriculum For Teachers:


Integrating Digital Citizenship Across Curriculums:


Digital Law, Ethics And Etiquette:


How To Teach Digital Citizenship:


Bring Digital Citizenship to the Classroom in Meaningful Ways:


Helping Students Act Responsibly Online:


New Zealand NetSafe Resource Guide:


Digital Citizens – Digizen’s Guide:


How To Be NetSmartz:


The GoodPlay Project And Project New Media Literacies Resource Guide:

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